Fabulous family holiday in winter, you have to admit the journey to the house of Santa Claus, it is located in dense forests near the ancient city of Veliky Ustyug. In anticipation of the New year for our smallest guests we have prepared a whole program, and it will be interesting not only children but also their parents. In Velikiy Ustyug there is a Museum of Christmas toys. Even a small tour of this Museum is uplifting to everyone.
If you don't want to visit Santa Claus, go to his granddaughter in Kostroma. For guests there is also a whole entertainment program. You can go to Smolensk, where which year are invited to participate in a traditional ancient Russian amusements.
For a holiday with family is perfect trip to the Golden ring, this traditional form of relaxation in addition to pleasure will give you more knowledge and, kids love to learn about the historically significant cities of Russia and related events, in addition to the winter cities like Suzdal, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Rostov and others who look absolutely fabulous under a fluffy snow blanket. The Golden ring is regularly attended by tour buses, you can choose one day or longer trip with overnight stays in local hotels.
Fans of ski holidays, you should visit Dombay, Krasnaya Polyana, Kamchatka or in the Elbrus region. Muscovites do not have to climb far, because in the suburbs there is a wide choice of ski slopes suitable for both beginners and advanced Amateurs.
If you want unusual experiences – go to a snowmobile, horse-sledge or even a ski tour Siberia. Guaranteed a lot of impressions during the tour you will see the incredible lake Baikal. If you don't want to make it that far, choose similar tour in the Urals. It is a beautiful and unusual way to relax in the winter from the monotony of everyday life.