First rule - do not drink caffeine, contained in the food. It stimulates the increasing the speed of metabolism. So you should limit the amount of coffee to recover.
Should the eating of refined carbohydrates that contain fiber. These include flour, white sugar, pasta. Therefore, you should consume as many refined carbohydrates. Increasing the level of fiber you can speed up the metabolism by 30%.
Should not eat a lot of protein foods, as it harder to digest. Trying to break down protein the human body spends too much energy and calories lost. Metabolism while accelerating to 35 percent, which is undesirable for a person who wants to gain weight.
There are also many ways to season food to obtain from it the maximum of useful substances. For example, prepare spaghetti or macaroni, you can not only add them to the sauce, but seasoning with olive oil. You need to spread on sandwiches oil or mayonnaise, to tea and add honey and crackers to eat with peanut butter. Such additional ingredients will help to quickly gaining weight, slowing the metabolism.
Frequent meals cause the metabolism to work faster and this leads to the fact that calories are spent on the transformation of food into nutrients. To slow down metabolism and gain weight, you must eat five to six times a day, as some think, but three times. This is more than enough.
When you execute physical exercises that are necessary even when weight, should not engage too intensively several times a week for 10-15 minutes. For example, running is replaced with moderate walking, which is useful because it improves the cardiovascular system. Strength training with the highest intensity should be deleted. Exercises with dumbbells, walking for half an hour three times a week, as well as a chin-up will help to increase the weight, slowing the metabolism.
You should not eat too much dairy products. However, to completely abandon them is not necessary, as the experiments have shown that in this situation there comes a calcium deficiency. To avoid this, dairy products should be included in the diet. Thus, it is possible to eat lunch a few pieces of cheese, and Breakfast be limited to yogurt.