Methods of traditional medicine

Therapy cochlearia primarily aimed at hearing restoration. If this condition arose on the background of arterial hypertension, hormonal dysfunction and other related diseases, then first eliminate the cause of the caller, and then transferred to the treatment of the underlying disease vasodilator drugs, vinotheque, disaggregants, detoxification solutions and neuroprotectant. In the first 2 weeks of treatment can be assigned to intravenous administration of Piracetamum", "Trentham", "Vinpocetine", "Mexidol" and others, then move to intramuscular injection and medication inside. For dizziness use therapy gistaminopodobnam drugs, for example, "Betahistine".

How to treat corleonesi? The patient may be advised to drink plenty of liquids and vitamins. It is very important to properly and efficiently eat. Positive dynamics observed after the application of physiotherapeutic procedures, in particular, phonophoresis of drugs, laser puncture, acupressure, acupuncture, electrostimulation, and others.

Methods of alternative medicine

How to treat corleonesi? Not less effective and traditional medicines, in particular, positive results were observed after applying the mud applications with the addition of olive oil. During treatment it is advisable to drink the juice of cabbage 0.5 cups twice a day, eat walnuts and lemon with peel. Every day to drink a tea made from red rose petals and make turundeki of tincture of propolis. For this you need 40 grams of propolis insist on 100 ml of alcohol for 7 days, after drain and add olive oil in proportion 1:4. Prepare of cotton turundas, soaked resulting solution and insert into the ear for 30-40 minutes. If necessary, repeat up to 10 times.

Not less useful and specific exercises:
• Firmly pinch the nose and try to do samoopredelenie ears: inflate for 1-2 seconds and then release the breathing body. Perform 10-15 times in a row every day for 14 days.
• Insert in the ears index fingers and rotate them in different directions for 3 times, then immediately remove.
• Pressed to the ears both hands, severing one of them, to knock with fingers on the head 10-12 times, again put his hand to his ear, and then release both ears. Repeat 10-12 times, alternating hands.