To start to make documents better a few weeks prior to the trip to the camp on the territory of Russia. If the camp is outside of the country, the collection of documents it is better to be puzzled in a few months. List of documents for travel to camp is usually standard, but there may be deviations from the rules, so you should ask about the requirements of a child health resort, the tour operator or at the place where you purchased the ticket.
Mandatory when leaving camp in Russia will need a ticket, completely filled out, with signatures and seals, indicating the dates of arrival and departure; the document proving the identity of the child (birth certificate or passport); health insurance (card and paper copy); certificate on form 079У and proof of contacts (issued not earlier than three days before departure).
If the certificate is not in school and not in kindergarten, the issue will have parents of their own. You will need to climb a few doctors to pass the necessary tests, wait for their result and finally to visit a pediatrician who will sign and issue the completed certificate. Just have to put the right print in the registry.
In addition to the documents may require copies of passports of parents, one or more photos of a particular format, a doctor's permission to class certain sports, etc. If you plan on crossing the territories of other States on the way to the camp, you will need a notarized consent to the maintainer.
If the child goes to the camp outside of Russia, the documents will increase significantly. For travel you will need valid passport, visa, parental consent for the trip, certified by a notary, health insurance, a certificate in the prescribed form, completed questionnaire (in English), a few photos, as well as copies of the Russian passports of the parents and the original birth certificate of the child.
In order for the return of the child not to remain without documents in the trip, you can give the copies, leaving the originals at home. As a rule, the administration of the camps loyal to the request of the parents. Any camp has the discretion to request additional documents. See the list of requirements on the official website of the camp, to ask questions at the contact numbers of the camp administration either to clarify all the details of the trip from a tour operator. Parents in turn can attach to the documents a note with a description of the psychological characteristics of the child and existing medical problems.