Diet in diseases of liver and gall bladder should have a gentle effect on inflammation of the body to stimulate bile secretion and promote normal activity of the digestive system. Patients are recommended to eat up to five times a day every three hours and small portions.

Permitted foods

Entrees — not fried vegetable or cereal, and dairy soups, cooked on a diluted or low-fat milk.

Bread better to eat rye or wheat, but stale, yesterday. Allowed one egg per day, from which you can make a steam omelette.

Low-fat dairy products can be consumed in moderation. Useful meat are beef, chicken, Turkey, rabbit. The meatballs steamed, boiled meat, stewed with vegetables. Chicken meat consumed in boiled or baked without skin.

Allowed of lean fish — cod, pike, perch. The fish is also fried or boiled. Vegetable dishes are essential in the diet of patients. Preference should be given to the salads of raw or cooked vegetables, vegetable stews, mashed potatoes. Shows the use of beets, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, pumpkin.

You can eat crisp cereal, cooked with water or dilute milk, boiled noodles, pasta, casseroles. Allowed all sour fruits and berries, ripe strawberries, raspberries, strawberries. Drinks - weak tea, juice, coffee with milk, stewed fruit.

Prohibited products

Persons suffering from diseases of the liver and gallbladder should limit the use of products that irritate the bile ducts and gall bladder. These include fatty, smoked, fried, salty and spicy dishes. Also prohibited is the consumption of ice cream, because it is too cold food reduces the bile ducts and the bladder.

Liver pathology is accompanied by shortness of digestion of fats, therefore, all fatty foods should be completely avoided from the diet of the patient. Eat only vegetable oil, as it possesses choleretic effect and displays the body of cholesterol.

Banned are fatty dairy products, meat, fat, offal, fish and caviar, sturgeon, herring, canned and fresh tomatoes, cheese, sausages, other meats, spicy condiments, strong coffee and tea, raw onions, garlic, radishes, rutabaga, sour berries and fruit, baking, chocolate, sodas, vinegar, spices, alcohol.

The basic rule which should be observed always, not overeating, especially before bedtime.