Advice 1: How to set shutter speed on Nikon d3100

Control of shutter speed and aperture Nikon D3100 available modes M, P, S and A. Moreover, it is possible to achieve the same exposure different combinations of aperture values and shutter speed. Short shutter speed and large aperture allow to soften background details and stop the subject and the long exposure and small aperture to reveal the details of the background and blur moving objects.
How to set shutter speed on Nikon d3100

Auto mode shutter-priority (S)

In this mode, the camera allows you to set the shutter speed manually, and then automatically selects the aperture value for optimal exposure. A short excerpt should be used to stop the motion of objects, as long as its blur panning or shooting night-lit landscapes. For this you need to put the mode dial to S and select a shutter speed by turning the control dial. The exposure value will be displayed in the information display and viewfinder. You can then focus and take the picture.

Auto with aperture-priority (A)

In aperture priority mode it selects the value of the user and the camera sets the optimum in these conditions the exposure parameters. Large aperture and low f-numbers will help blur objects behind and in front of the object in focus. It is best to use these settings when shooting portraits to blur the background. A small aperture and a large f-number makes parts front and back clearer, ideal for landscapes.

In order to start shooting in this mode, turn the mode dial Nikon В3100 in position A. the camera Then prompts you to select the aperture, its value is displayed on the information screen. To select the aperture value, turn the control dial, then you can focus and take the picture.

Manual mode M

In this mode, the shutter speed and aperture are set by the photographer. The mode dial you have to turn in the M position, then you should check the exposure indicator. In that case, if the lens is equipped with a built-in microprocessor and the selected exposure different from the automatic settings, the exposure indicator will signal whether the over - or netexposure. If exceeding of the measuring system of the exposure meter, the indicator starts to flash. It can be seen on the information screen of the camera and in the viewfinder.

In manual mode you choose the shutter speed in the range of 30 to 1/4000 seconds, you can also set the option "bulb" then the shutter will be open for a long time, pressed his shutter release button. The aperture is set by pressing the button with its image and rotating the command dial. The aperture value and shutter speed will display on the information screen in the camera viewfinder.

Advice 2: How to set shutter speed

People taking photos in automatic mode, don't think about such things as aperture, shutter speed or exposure. It's him nowhere. The camera automatically sets shooting parameters, based on automatic measurements. But automation often fails, and there comes a moment when the photographer has to take control of aperture and shutter speed.
Aging along with the diaphragm is one of the most important camera settings
You will need
  • - A camera with manual settings
  • - Plot to shoot
Not everyone understands what lies behind the photographic terms. Roughly speaking, shutter speed is indicate the amount of time during which the flow of light affects the film or matrix of the camera, capturing shoot the picture.
Under the same conditions, short exposure will miss the less light, the picture will be darker and Vice versa. The faster the subject moves, the shorter must be the exposure, otherwise the frame will appear to blur in the direction of motion of the model.
Long exposure is necessary for filming in dark conditions, for example when photographing night and evening landscapes. Sometimes the camera takes up to several minutes to capture enough light, so do not think that the camera got corrupted when when shooting at night the shutter clicks once opened. After some time and you will hear a closing click. The only thing required from you at this moment, is to ensure absolute stability of the camera. Therefore shoot better with a tripod using remote control. Even a small hand shake or camera shake from pressing the button with your finger can shoot down the picture to make it blurry.
If you set the exposure parameters manually, you should know that a common unit of measurement in this case are fractions of a second. 1/10 second lasts much longer than 1/100. What kind of exposure you need in these or those conditions, you will be able to determine after a series of experimental shots. You can read as many textbooks, but until you do not understand the concept of shutter speed depending on lighting and the chosen aperture, you are unlikely to turn out masterpieces.
In terms of exposure, you can create pictures with special effects alone camera without the aid of photoshop. For example, the so-called effect of the transaction. The simplest example of it can serve as a photograph of the car moving on the road, staying in focus, and the space behind it is blurred, creating the effect of motion in the frame, making the dynamic. Just select great shutter speed 1/10 or even 1/3 of a second, focus on the car, not stopping to follow the camera behind the object, click the camera. You should now have a very beautiful effect of blurring space with a clear object in the background. Long exposure made possible this interesting effect.
Useful advice
The longer the exposure, the more space the picture will be the DOF (depth of field of the imaging space)
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