You will need
  • Camera, tripod, remote control.
In fact, aging is a time that remains open the camera shutter at the moment of shooting. This time may last for only thousandths of a second. The footage, taken with such a short exposure, even the slightest movement is "frozen". If you want to clearly capture a drop of water, a fast-moving car, a Bouncing baby – a short excerpt you need. But there is one drawback: in such a short period of time the sensor gets very little light, and the photo may be too dark. To avoid this, open the aperture as wide as possible. He is for me "blur" (blurring due to camera movement at the moment of exposure) is practically impossible.
Shooting moving objects at short exposure.
But short, you can use a long shutter speed. Photos can be very interesting and even unusual. However, you should take care of some additional equipment. Without a tripod shooting long exposures is doomed, because the hands of the photographer were shaking. The tripod should be heavy, so he stood on the spot. Attach to tripod the camera. Long indicators of aging can be removed very beautiful scenery. Close the aperture to 8-11, and set the shutter speed longer. The camera didn't move when you press your finger on the launch button, use remote control or self timer with a delay of 10 seconds. So you can shoot landscapes and night.
Night landscape on the long vidrike.
Very unusual produces pictures of moving objects, if you don't "freeze". Long exposure makes them more fluid and malleable. If you are shooting a walking person or moving car, it will be seen the trajectory of his movement. Especially interesting night road of the city, taken on a long exposure. "Stretched" the movement emphasizes the speed of what is happening in the frame of events. And if you take a picture thus the flowing water, it will turn out very smooth, fantastic, like a magical haze. Try different exposure for the same story, and you'll be surprised how different and interesting the result will be.
Water at slow shutter speeds (is clearly visible the edge of the cliff, the water like silk).