You will need
  • - a good camera;
  • tripod;
  • - the water reservoir;
  • flash or table lamp;
  • package, plastic Cup, water bottle;
  • - colored background;
  • - patience.
Select the place for shooting, fits the usual table. In the background, place the background, it is better monotonous, so the flash light is reflected better. On the table place a receptacle for the feed drops, this can be a glass, a glass (perhaps inverted), saucer, or even a basin.
Set the flash to the side of the falling drops. The best option would be two professional flash with synchro, but if you don't, use a powerful Desk lamps, just slide them a little closer. Depending on the received frames, change the location of the light sources in such a way as to achieve the best effect.
Over the table hang and secure plastic bag, plastic Cup, bottle of drink or another suitable container. Then do it in a small hole so that water is not flowing stream, and dripping at the right speed.
Install the camera at the falling drops, it is possible to use a tripod or other device to lock (for shooting you can use the remote control). Select on the camera the manual focus mode. Then place the place of falling drops fixed object such as a pencil. Either put it on the bottom of the tank eraser or chewing gum and stick him with a pin with a ball on the end or a toothpick. Point and lock the focus.
To increase DOF, close the aperture to F8–F16, but keep in mind that aperture values are dependent on exposure, so try different values depending on the results.
The shutter speed or the shutter speed is set on the value of 1/160, 1/200... 1 / 1000th. The higher the speed, the better it will freeze effect.
If possible, turn on burst mode, while you get more good shots. Do everything you can to increase shooting speed: disable noise cancellation, make the mirror lock-up, etc.
Start shooting the falling drops, and thus capture the moment when the droplet is flying. Experiment with light, shutter speed, the aperture setting. Don't lose patience, you may have to make many attempts before you are satisfied with the result.