You will need
  • - the perforator;
  • - drill;
  • - screwdriver;
  • pencil.
Among the huge range of door stoppers that are very popular outdoor models that are not only easy to install but very practical and reliable to use. They are made of alloys based on aluminium, zinc and copper, and of brass and steel. When buying stopper be sure to check the kit to it with special screws and dowels for fixing.
One of the main points of installation of the limiter is choosing its mounting location. To do this, open the door and lock it so that you can reach the wall remained at a distance of 5 cm it is Not necessary to set the stopper close to the base. Otherwise, to avoid damage of the loops upon impact of the door against the wall will fail.
Once the location is selected, apply the markup. Mark with a pencil on the floor, placing the future of the limiter, then can close the door and start trick holes.
Drill two holes. One of them will be used for screwing the fixing dowel and the second dowel. If the floors in the room are covered with ceramic tiles, try to mount fell right into her seam. This is done in order that during drilling the material did not split off.
When the holes are ready, hammer in one dowel and replace the door limiter. Be careful that the pin won the second hole, and then lock it by screw. After installation of retainer, check if the door wall or furniture.
If you want the front door was constantly ajar for ventilation, can set the lock wall type. Installation of wall limiter to produce better at the top of the door, as when it is placed at the bottom of the household will constantly stumble on it.
Wall model of the stopper can be made with your own hands. To do this, take two identical plywood strips 3 cm wide and One of them attach to the door frame, and the second to the door leaf, after which both the structural components connect together.
Insert the steel area at the connection point of the strips of plywood. He would not let the design emerge, and the doors slam. Attach the latch to the door using the area, which by this time must be tight prevernal to the canvas. In the same way fasten the latch to the box. Wall limiter ready. It will keep the door slightly open, not allowing it to slam shut from the wind.