Guinea pigs are one of the most common Pets because of its simplicity. They live in cages, do not emit almost no sound and not capricious, and therefore not annoying anyone. They do not require any special care, all they need is cleanliness and regular meals. The cage can be cleaned twice a week. If you leave a pet alone all day, nothing terrible will happen.
о черепахах: как их содержать
Wonderful option for everybody – home rat. Many people still have some prejudices about these creatures, but in reality they are extremely intelligent and good-natured. Rats, like all rodents, they live in cages, their maintenance costs low. The main thing is regular cleaning and a balanced diet.
как содержать в квартире черепаху
Hamster – another unpretentious rodent, the content of which differs little from the care of Guinea pigs. The main difference is that their toilet must be removed daily so the smell is not spread through the house. Everything you need hamsters for happiness – high-quality feeding and love of the owners. The main thing – carefully choose food: it should not contain anything solid, otherwise the hamster may damage the cheek pouches.
нет поилки для хомяка что делать?
If you want to get the rabbit, prefer the dwarf breeds. These rodents, in principle, undemanding and are nocturnal, so they can be left alone for the whole day. But from the dwarf will be less hassle: less feed, less to clean.
поилки для новорожденных хомяков
Exceptionally undemanding aquarium fish guppy. This kind of is recommended to have all those who have never had fish. The most difficult is to properly equip aquarium. Care must be taken about proper lighting and temperature conditions, filters, and compressors. But that relates directly to the content of guppies, no problems. Simply regularly feeding them any mixture from the pet store. To replace the water to once every two weeks.
Как выбрать корм для хомяка
A real gift for those who have no time to care for a pet turtle. Contain put them in terrariums or aquariums (depending on species), but often many owners equip them improvised dwelling in a basin or a box. The turtles are absolutely not picky and can live up to thirty years. In addition to the special food, they can stand human food – cooked meat and fish.