Unmatched and seamless Finches

Tribe of finches as small colourful ornamental birds is diverse and characterized by simplicity of maintenance.

Japanese finches are the easiest in the maintenance of the house birds. The color is not too bright, but the song is pleasant and quiet. This kind of finches do not fuss and do not litter, so cleaning their cages is a mere formality.
- Finches are the most popular among this kind of birds. They are perfectly bred in captivity, brightly colored and often give birth to their cheerful song. They are more mobile than the Japanese finches, and therefore debris from them will be more.
- Finches Gould - shy and bright birds. They are very delicate and singing softly with iridescence.
- Rice finches is a large, hardy birds. Their song is very peculiar and similar to electronic music.

To maintain the finches in a good mood to keep in the cage at least a couple birds. One by one all feel better just rice finches.

Popular songbirds - Canaries

For many years the most common pet birds are Canaries. These prized feathered Pets for the amazing singing and undemanding in care. When purchasing a Canary, please note that only the males sing.

The appearance of the Canaries, sun - painted mainly in bright yellow tones. Canaries are very easy to get used to their owner and do not require a large enclosure. The cage these birds can be removed every 2-3 days, but water for drinking and bathing need to be changed every day.

Friendly birds pet parrots

For a sociable person there is no better pet than a parrot. These decorative poultry work well with people and quickly get used to the new environment. Parrots speak in his name and with good attitude able to learn some fun tricks.

Before you opt for a parrot as pet, keep in mind that this bird is quite noisy and loud. Parrots love to participate in the life of people and is very curious. Often, if there are no other Pets, these birds are free to roam the apartment.

If you get a few parrots, they will not pester you, because one bird is suffering alone.

Decorative chickens

Among ornamental pet birds are increasingly found the chicken! Of course, this bird is no ordinary hen or broiler. Small specially grown chickens are more like pigeons and distinguished by uncommon ingenuity.

Decorative chickens love to walk outside and sit on their hands. The only drawback of such Pets, like all birds, is the inability to teach them to toilet in one place. Unfortunately, recovering chicken wherever I go.