Advice 1: What types of decorative fowl are the most unpretentious

Decorative poultry pleasing to the brightness of their plumage, delicate singing and sociability. But some feathered Pets require complex care and special conditions. To the beginner it may be advisable to get a bird unpretentious and fun.

Unmatched and seamless Finches

Tribe of finches as small colourful ornamental birds is diverse and characterized by simplicity of maintenance.

Japanese finches are the easiest in the maintenance of the house birds. The color is not too bright, but the song is pleasant and quiet. This kind of finches do not fuss and do not litter, so cleaning their cages is a mere formality.
- Finches are the most popular among this kind of birds. They are perfectly bred in captivity, brightly colored and often give birth to their cheerful song. They are more mobile than the Japanese finches, and therefore debris from them will be more.
- Finches Gould - shy and bright birds. They are very delicate and singing softly with iridescence.
- Rice finches is a large, hardy birds. Their song is very peculiar and similar to electronic music.

To maintain the finches in a good mood to keep in the cage at least a couple birds. One by one all feel better just rice finches.

Popular songbirds - Canaries

For many years the most common pet birds are Canaries. These prized feathered Pets for the amazing singing and undemanding in care. When purchasing a Canary, please note that only the males sing.

The appearance of the Canaries, sun - painted mainly in bright yellow tones. Canaries are very easy to get used to their owner and do not require a large enclosure. The cage these birds can be removed every 2-3 days, but water for drinking and bathing need to be changed every day.

Friendly birds pet parrots

For a sociable person there is no better pet than a parrot. These decorative poultry work well with people and quickly get used to the new environment. Parrots speak in his name and with good attitude able to learn some fun tricks.

Before you opt for a parrot as pet, keep in mind that this bird is quite noisy and loud. Parrots love to participate in the life of people and is very curious. Often, if there are no other Pets, these birds are free to roam the apartment.

If you get a few parrots, they will not pester you, because one bird is suffering alone.

Decorative chickens

Among ornamental pet birds are increasingly found the chicken! Of course, this bird is no ordinary hen or broiler. Small specially grown chickens are more like pigeons and distinguished by uncommon ingenuity.

Decorative chickens love to walk outside and sit on their hands. The only drawback of such Pets, like all birds, is the inability to teach them to toilet in one place. Unfortunately, recovering chicken wherever I go.

Advice 2: What Pets are most popular

To have a pet is a serious step which should be carefully considered. Pet requires a lot of attention, care, patience, and financial investment. However, today more and more people aspire to touch the nature, so the animals fill in as private houses and small apartments.
What Pets are most popular

Standard choice

The "Profile" magazine together with the online resource SpiegelOnline has compiled a list of the most popular animals that live in the homes of Russian inhabitants. First place went to the cat, who received 70% of votes. The owners argued their choice by the simplicity of content, simplicity in food and unnecessary walking.

Almost 40% of people prefer to keep dogs at home. They are losing cats, because require much more attention and care. The dog must not only walk, but also to communicate, to play, to pay attention to it. Also, depending on the breed, a dog should be subjected to great physical stress and training, which do not always have the time and money.
Cats and dogs – an absolute leader among the most popular Pets. Data of animals can safely be called "traditional" because their home contents practiced for many centuries.

On the third and fourth places in the ranking is poultry and fish (9.2 percent). The first requires a bit of attention, almost sick. It's important to give the bird a clean cage. Fish create more whimsical. By themselves (except exotic types) they are inexpensive, but their costs "a pretty penny". The most expensive items are the aquarium, the filtering system and various fillers.

Fifth place among the most popular animals took the hamsters. The little furry creatures bring joy to 2.5% of the population. They are convenient, take up little space (exactly the size of his cage) and they are interesting to watch. Often hamsters give birth to people with children, to accustom the child to cleanliness and neatness.

World exotics

However, not everyone is willing to stay with "standard" package. Today there is a boom in the most unusual and exotic animals that people decide to keep the home.

Leader in this field today are the iguanas. Large reptiles look impressive, inspiring respect and some fear. However, they are much safer crocodiles. Wanting to get an iguana, read the instructions on the content of reptiles. Also, be ready to invest a lot of money.
Unfortunately, many iguanas do not live long. The reason is carelessness and laziness of their owners, do not try to understand the animal and explore its nature. With the right content, reptile will delight you for years to come.

The second place among popular home exotic animals is a snake. Some stop at a simple, non-venomous species. But the thrill-seekers decided on dangerous experiments and do not give birth to sweet grass snakes, and a spectacular cobras, and even a massive pythons. To keep such animals can not afford one: they require special conditions and nutrition.

The huge popularity of mini piggies, occupying the third place. Little piggies look lovely, able to live in the apartment, quickly learn the commands and follow the rules. The advantage of the pigs in their long life: about 30 years with proper care.

Advice 3: What's the most undemanding pet

Many people have no time for pet care, but should we give up because of this from Pets? In addition to demanding dogs, naughty cats, exotic reptiles or complex in content birds there are many options undemanding Pets that do not require special attention and simple pleasures.
What's the most undemanding pet
Guinea pigs are one of the most common Pets because of its simplicity. They live in cages, do not emit almost no sound and not capricious, and therefore not annoying anyone. They do not require any special care, all they need is cleanliness and regular meals. The cage can be cleaned twice a week. If you leave a pet alone all day, nothing terrible will happen.
Wonderful option for everybody – home rat. Many people still have some prejudices about these creatures, but in reality they are extremely intelligent and good-natured. Rats, like all rodents, they live in cages, their maintenance costs low. The main thing is regular cleaning and a balanced diet.
Hamster – another unpretentious rodent, the content of which differs little from the care of Guinea pigs. The main difference is that their toilet must be removed daily so the smell is not spread through the house. Everything you need hamsters for happiness – high-quality feeding and love of the owners. The main thing – carefully choose food: it should not contain anything solid, otherwise the hamster may damage the cheek pouches.
If you want to get the rabbit, prefer the dwarf breeds. These rodents, in principle, undemanding and are nocturnal, so they can be left alone for the whole day. But from the dwarf will be less hassle: less feed, less to clean.
Exceptionally undemanding aquarium fish guppy. This kind of is recommended to have all those who have never had fish. The most difficult is to properly equip aquarium. Care must be taken about proper lighting and temperature conditions, filters, and compressors. But that relates directly to the content of guppies, no problems. Simply regularly feeding them any mixture from the pet store. To replace the water to once every two weeks.
A real gift for those who have no time to care for a pet turtle. Contain put them in terrariums or aquariums (depending on species), but often many owners equip them improvised dwelling in a basin or a box. The turtles are absolutely not picky and can live up to thirty years. In addition to the special food, they can stand human food – cooked meat and fish.

Advice 4: What undemanding animal to have

Now people work long hours, travel on business or vacation. And, therefore, rarely give birth to dogs or cats. Behind them need constant care, communication, and sometimes expensive food. Probably because of this nature came up with a unique, unpretentious animals that can bring joy and comfort to their owners. Such animals need minimal care, a rare feeding and a little attention.
What undemanding animal to have
African snail Achatina. The clams are quite undemanding in the home. She doesn't need a lot of space. Terrarium for Achatina can be purchased with a volume of about 3 liters. Better to buy a glass terrarium, because glass is easier to clean off the slime of snails. The soil in the terrarium it is possible to change only a few times a year. Holding only one snail, you don't have to worry about the breed. But with two or more snails you will have to periodically clean out the terrarium from eggs. The eggs of snails can be frozen, and then fed by the same snails as protein source. Snails eat a little, eat everything you give them: fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese. Snails Achatina no noise, so they are ideal for lovers of peace. They are easy to tame, sometimes they even start to distinguish the owner from other people.
The Snail Achatina
Hamsters are also considered unpretentious animals. There are several types of hamsters but the most popular for home is Syrian and Djungarian breed. For Syrian hamster cage and the wheel should be larger than the Junggar. And the rest of the care is the same. Clean up after them need not more times a week and not the entire soil, but only "part of the toilet". The more and more you will to clean them, the more they will start to smell. Active hamsters in the evening and night, at a time when busy people are home. Therefore, they are suitable for workaholics. Hamsters ready to eat grain, you can also buy them fruit, vegetables or cheese. In the cage must be water and a stone for sharpening teeth, otherwise they start biting the bars of the cage. Hamster quickly and easily becomes accustomed to the hands and the voice of the master. Hamsters are fairly noisy, but very interesting and funny animals.
Rabbits and Guinea pigs too undemanding Pets. Caring for them is similar to caring for hamsters. Only the cage should be as spacious. Feed these animals grain, hay and water. Guinea pigs are noisy, especially if you are hungry. And rabbits do need freedom, so they need to walk periodically. These rodents are large, they can fondle, to teach simple tricks. They respond to their name and always know who their master is.
Guinea pig
Rats. These rodents, in contrast to hamsters, more active during the day. But they can be easily adapted to the day of his master. Rats are very intelligent animals, they can survive under any conditions, even if you forget to feed them before the trip. Cage they need more than hamsters but smaller than rabbits. The wheel in the cage is optional, but the hammock or a house they will take pleasure in. Rats quickly become accustomed to it, they train. They can be safely released from the cells, they will always come home. Rats can be kept in pairs, unlike hamsters. Of course, it is better to include same-sex, if you do not want offspring. Couples often tenderly caring for each other, what to watch is a pleasure. Rats eat everything from grain mixture to the meat. Rats are clean, don't pee outside his cage. Minus the rats is that they can gnaw your belongings.
Rat decorative
Turtle. It's really quite unpretentious animals that can live longer than its owner. Turtles take up little space in the apartment, they do not need to walk. They do not train, and do often what they like only. They can easily differentiate their owners from others. To bathe and feed turtles once a week you need: just put them in a basin with warm water. The turtle itself is redeemed, and get drunk. In a terrarium for turtles can be hung a small mirror, and they will be happy to chat with his reflection. Turtles eat plant food, and waterfowl – and even seafood. Turtles are good that do not spoil the furniture, rarely get sick and have no unpleasant smell.
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