Evaluate the space to be occupied by the animal. If space in the apartment is small, big animal, for example a large dog, will clearly be out of place. Parrot cage or a small aquarium will still occupy a good place. Even one Guinea pig requires at least 1 m2 free area. This is an individual choice cannot be the same as someone's bedroom or kitchen, because many Pets to make sounds and exude odors that are incompatible with a good rest or nutrition.
как называют животных
Consider the age of the child. To have a pet baby better after 5 years. Only to the senior preschool age the child begins to understand how you can treat living creatures not to harm them. Or Vice versa, so that the animal did not cause damage to it. Besides, in this period the baby is able not only to serve themselves, but also to begin to care for others. At the age of 5-6 years, preschooler accustomed to labor and independence. As a result, in school, he will be more responsible than peers who do not have Pets.
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To choose a pet to a child, ask him for the desire. Just for starters, explain to him that every pet will require care of themselves, certain material costs. Daily living being will have to give of their time, despite fatigue or lack of mood. Tell your child that animals are not toys - played today and tomorrow thrown away. A full-fledged family members. Each owner is responsible for the creature tamed. Involve your child in family Council and together come to a responsible decision. Animal should not become the child's whim, while another family member burden.
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There are animals that are recommended especially for owners with children. For example, the rat and the hamster are considered to be extremely hardy animals in the sense that if they forget to feed, they will not feel hungry. First because I adapted a long time to go without food and water. And the second makes the reserves, which is enough for a few days. Rat is an intelligent and affectionate animal who has become attached to his master. Hamster also responds to affection, but not too tamed. From the cells in any case will be based on a specific smell even if you clean them every day. Guinea pig is also similar to these two rodents, however their lives longer.
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Respect the individual characteristics of the child. Scientists have discovered that birds, especially parrots, can be useful for development of children suffering from speech disorders. Talking of birds, the child learns to pronounce the difficult letters. The birds are also quite unassuming. But they more noise. And the smell is the same as that from rodents. It is also established that fish have a calming effect on the nervous system. Therefore, for excitable and hyperactive toddler monitoring the smooth movements of the fish will bring only benefits.
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Rabbits are very interesting to children for the reason that know how to play. But they require a careful maintenance. They need to bathe, comb, clip their claws. Therefore, they need to acquire only those adolescents who are already able to endure all hardships of such care. Children recommended cat. They are intelligent, playful, affectionate, attached to the owners, but more independent. Fit all breeds of cats, except Siamese. As noticed that their distinctive feature is the vindictiveness.
For the development of General motor skills of the child should get a dog. Movement is useful as nimble, and slow children. The mobility and playfulness of the dog and let your child be bored. Just choose from the list of good dogs that get along well with children. This is the Labrador retrievers, collies, poodles, pugs, American retrievers, Dalmatians, Saint Bernards, bulldogs, German shepherds, bull Terriers. In any case it is impossible to make a decorative miniature dogs and fighting dogs. The first is very difficult to care for, the second may show aggressiveness.