What is the bronzer

Self-tanning products present in the market in the form of gels, mousses, creams, fluids and tissues. The main component of spray tan is dihydroxyacetone. This substance gives the skin rich, Golden, bronze or chocolate color. Not less important component – develops rich bronze colour, or raspberry sugar. It helps make the color of your skin natural tint intense and most persistent. The drying effect of alcohol neutralizes moisturizers. Skin texture is aligned visibly, visually, is more lustrous and smooth.

Dye affects the skin for between 15 and 180 minutes. Maintenance treatments should be done once in three to five days.

When choosing a shade of bronzer, consider the original color of your skin. For very bright girls ideal tool marked "light" to dark, "dark", but "medium" is considered a universal color.

Before applying the bronzer carefully prepare the skin. Rationally, wash thoroughly with a hard sponge and use a body scrub. Apply the bronzer on dry skin, after referring to the manual from the manufacturer.

Top best yourself

First, you can put bronzer Clinique Self Sun. It is quickly absorbed, gives the skin a subtle Golden shade that lasts a long time, not Sivas.

The second place is occupied by the product under the trade name Lancaster Essential Bronze Milk. The milk is quickly applied, is absorbed. The skin becomes a light shade of tan for 15 minutes.

The third leader was tanning under the trade name Self Tan Mist Dark. The product has a pleasant aroma of caramel, saturated oils, acai fruit, aloe Vera.