What is a vacation without a smooth and beautiful tan? It proud to show friends for joint viewing of photos from an exotic country. To holiday left only pleasant memories, and the tan for a long time has become your "signature" mark, experts advise to sunbathe properly:

- If you are the enemy of your health and skin, limit your time in the sun. No need to put the records, trying to get a tan on the first day of arrival at the sea. For the first time will be enough for about 5-10 minutes.

- Sunscreen is your friend during the holidays. The higher the content of components of SPF and/or UVA, the better for your skin. These additives block the ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting from burns.

- Special attention should be paid to the creams based on glycerin or other minerals. Use them before tanning is contraindicated.

- Sunbathe in the morning until 11 o'clock or a little later, after 15. 00, experts believe it is the best time to get the perfect result. At this time the sun is not so active, allowing you to avoid sunburn.

Not peregrinates. Be sure to protect your head with a scarf or a Panama hat, drink plenty of fluids (ice in drinks and alcohol should be abandoned).

- Protect your eyes glasses, try not to read on the beach, the sun's rays affect the vision is not the best way and less strain on the eyes is undesirable.

Enjoy your vacation, vivid memories and a beautiful tan.