Advice 1: What is best for tanning: oil or cream

Sun, sea, beach — nothing more is needed for a wonderful stay. Everything is good, but don't forget about the decent protection of the skin. Now the beauty supply stores have all the necessary tools for safe tanning. So don't forget to buy them and take with you on vacation.
What is best for tanning: oil or cream
There is a whole series of various tools for skin protection. It is composed of various components of chemical and biological origin, which protect the skin from bad effects.

Harmful if sun for the skin?

One should not see the sun only as a negative process. Because in moderation it is even good for the body, as under the influence of sunlight are biologically active substances. They improve the functioning of the endocrine glands, metabolism and stabilize the nervous system. In the end, the human body becomes more secure.

What are the tools effective?

The most popular for sunbathing are cream and butter. This means that these two types of beauty product most effective. After all, they are in great demand.

Cream for sunbathing

Such a stimulator tanning will help the skin to recover from the warm rays of only the nutrients, for example vitamin D. And it further protects against the negative effects. The tools contains special substances that do not allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate deeply into the skin. These components can be called chemical filters. They reflect the sun's rays. Due to this, it is fully protected from ultraviolet radiation and parallel to the exposed for a uniform bronze color.

Suntan oil

Choosing for your body such a nutritious liquid, remember that this cosmetic product contains a minimum of protective components from the sun. Oil is most often used to enhance an existing tan to secure the result.

At the moment there are enough similar cosmetic products for sunbathing. Oil can be purchased on the basis of natural components and chemical. They differ greatly in price. But if you don't save on your health, it is best to purchase organic oil. It is produced on the basis of the useful medicinal plants. Oily liquid is instantly absorbed into the skin.

It is worth noting that the most effective is the sunscreen. And to secure the result, you can apply the oil as it nourishes the skin. Both tools are to some extent effective, but the cream has a more powerful protection from the sun.

Advice 2 : How to make oil for safe tanning

To the sun brought us only joy, you must learn to protect their skin. In the composition for tanning the mass production contains a fair amount unsafe for human components. Therefore, home care deserves our full attention. This recipe natural remedies are easy to perform. The oil will not only warn the skin from aging and burns, but will also help to purchase a beautiful velvet tan.
How to make oil for safe tanning
You will need
  • - sesame oil 50 ml;
  • - rice bran oil-50 ml;
  • - walnut oil 50 ml;
  • - lavender essential oil 10 drops;
  • - essential oil of chamomile, 10 drops;
  • - essential oil carrot seed 10 drops;
  • - oily and combination of lavender (or rose) 50 ml;
  • - capacity dispenser.
In small container pour sesame (sesame) oil. It has a wide range of cosmetic action: moisturizes the skin, stimulates oxygen metabolism, stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen, prevents aging of the skin associated with excessive exposure to sunlight, is a natural UV filter.
How to make oil for safe tanning
Dobavlaet rice bran oil. It is very light, hypoallergenic oil that is successfully used to give the skin firmness and elasticity. Is an excellent protector against UV radiation.
How to make oil for safe tanning
Add the walnut oil. This is the secret of acquiring and preserving bronze, velvety tan. In addition, it has a number of beneficial properties for the skin: moisturizes, tones and rejuvenates.
How to make oil for safe tanning
Enriching means of essential oils. Lavender oil has beneficial effects on the skin and nervous system, performs the function barrier, not allowing UV rays to injure the skin. Chamomile essential oil offers the essential protection from the sun soothing and nourishing properties. Essential carrot oil regulates the sebaceous and sweat glands, makes the skin supple, and the tan is really beautiful.
How to make oil for safe tanning
Complete medium by adding a hydrolate of lavender. It moisturizes and soothes sensitive, irritated skin. Is required the aqueous phase.
How to make oil for safe tanning
Pour in a convenient container (preferably with a spout). This two-phase, so before use it must be stirred, mixing the oily and aqueous phase. Apply 20 minutes before going under the sun. Update every 1-1.5 hours.
The oil is suitable for all skin types, absorbs well, does not clog pores and leaves no residue on clothes. Can be used for children.
Useful advice
Instead of walnut oil you can use jojoba, almond or coconut. Lavender hydrolate is permissible to use wild raspberries roses or rose water.
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