Advice 1: How to set the table with the bride

In our days wedding bride – a fun game for the newlyweds and for the guests: usually, the bride is in the form of fun competitions. Of course, will not do this rite without a festive table with treats and drinks.
You will need
  • light snacks;
  • - fruits and sweets;
  • - alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
Pay attention to the design. Typically, the bride is quite fast, and for many get-togethers at the table of time. However, the festive table, prepared for this rite must fall into the omnipresent lens of the wedding photographer. Therefore, the appearance of the treats offered on the ransom, plays an even greater role than their taste. Make sure to have snacks and drinks on the table had a really festive look.
Prepare light snacks. Canapés – perfect appetizers for the table to pay for the bride. To make this appetizer can literally be from anything. All you need is to cut into small slices products, which blend harmoniously, and to impale them on toothpicks or skewers. Canapes is great literally in everything: they are easy and quick to prepare, easy to eat and, more importantly, they look great on the holiday table.
Put a vase with fruit. Bright, juicy fruit is incredibly photogenic. Beautiful place bananas, grapes, apples and any other fruit on a multi-level vases. If the season allows, pamper guests with chocolate-covered strawberries. To do this, melt the chocolate in a water bath, dip into it the berries and refrigerate so that the chocolate was frozen. It does not pluck strawberries with green tails: they can be very convenient to take the treat, and the berries look so interesting. In the winter instead of strawberries, you can use the slices of bananas. In this case, don't forget to chop the treats on toothpicks so guests don't get dirty fingers on the chocolate.
Invite the guests with sweets. Put on the table beautiful bowl of sweets and biscuits: in each company there is definitely a sweet tooth, who will appreciate the sweetness is appreciated.
Pour guests a drink. It is difficult to imagine a Slavic wedding without alcohol, so no hot drinks should be provided. Make sure that on the table there were different strength alcohol. Usually it's champagne, a light wine and brandy or vodka for lovers of strong drink. Make sure that on the table there are glasses and glasses appropriate for the type of alcohol. Remember to cool the drinks, if required by the rules of their use. Not all guests drink alcohol, so make sure soft drinks. As a rule, non-drinking guests are offered juice and mineral water.
Take care of the details. If cooked treats you can't eat with your hands, don't forget to put on the table all the necessary Cutlery. In addition, the table should be the napkins: are any of the guests can stain your hands or accidentally spilling a drink.
Alcohol is an insidious thing, especially on an empty stomach. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, ensure guests are not too fond of the drink.
Useful advice
The bride is only the beginning of the wedding ceremony. Ahead includes a trip to the registry office, the tedious wedding photo shoot and then the wedding Banquet. So all the snacks offered on the bride, should be easy to guests beginning to get sleepy because eaten and drunk.

Advice 2: How to prepare a wedding table

Serving wedding tableis the first thing that catches the eye of tired and hungry guests who were accompanied by young during the first half of the day, from the moment of the bride before the hour of arrival to the restaurant. Beautifully covered wedding table will allow guests to experience the significance of the occasion and create the atmosphere of a grandiose holiday.
How to prepare a wedding table
Use for table cloth of white color. It can be delicate, with patterns or with a slight pastel tint. Put under the tablecloth in a cotton cloth, then the cloth will lie flat, not roll, and the sound of tableware will be muted. The length of the cloth should not be below the chair.
On the table are nicely spread out napkins. They should be starched and folded so that the guest can easily can deploy. Napkins can be rolled or fan out to form a flower; it's all napkins should be folded the same way.
In the center of the table, the choice is either a fruit bowl or bouquet of flowers. As the petals of flowers tend to fall off, avoid contact with them at meals, it is recommended to leave the flowers for the decoration of the room, and the center of the table to designate the fruit composition. Fruit bowl height should be no more than 20 cm, otherwise it will obstruct guests.
For dining utensils use porcelain, crystal and porcelain ware. Crystal will fit the stemware and glasses, crockery perfect for snack plates and earthenware retains heat well, so it is used for hot dishes.
On a white tablecloth goes well ware, made in one color. It is best if you prepare several sets of the same set. The color of the tableware is not so important – on a white background any color scheme plays nicely. But for wedding give preference to pastel shades or gold or silver.
Gold sequins decorate the glasses, and their legs tie white satin ribbon. To do this, buy a jar of sparkles (usually sold with nail Polish), double-sided tape and 1.5 meters of satin ribbon. Cut a thin strip of tape, stick it in the middle of the glass, and tie it on his leg a small satin bow. Sprinkle glitter on a strip of tape and press them with a cloth, so they are well stuck. This decoration of the glasses you can do for all guests, nice surprise!
Calculate the number of products per guest. Usually wedding range of food looks like this: 150 g of any two salads, 200 g of garnish, 150-200 g of meat or fish, 70 g of hot snacks (julienne, for example), 100 g cold snacks, piece of cake 200 g fruit and 250 g.
Under these dishes are designed and serving utensils. For the guest is (2 cm from the edge of the table) is a flat plate for salad and appetizers, to the left - side plate for sauces, bread or butter. To the left of the flat plate put the fork and knife on the right. About the knife, put a glass of vodka and a glass of water, and left the wine glasses for champagne, a glass of wine.
All the dishes on the table should be placed in the right proportion so that every guest was able to try and reach any dish. Every guest should take at the table at least 70 cm of space.
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