Wedding day begins with the purchase by the bride groom. The bride passes the test, prepared by the bride's friends. For example, call dates, to find the key and open the lock, to buy the photo of the bride, her Shoe, etc. This stage ends of the buffet table, which covers the bride's mother for future son-in-law and his relatives.
The wedding procession is sent to the Registrar at the ceremony. After registering, the bride and groom will officially become man and wife. The script of the wedding think of the employees of the registry office. The ceremony begins with the opening words of a leading, next usually follow the exchange of rings, the parting word to parents, greeting of guests, first dance of the newlyweds. From the building of the registry office a newly-minted husband brings his wife under the flying rose petals, grains, sweets and coins.
If the bride and groom planned on the same day wedding, then it should be done immediately after the civil record. This procedure takes many hours, so many put off the wedding for a later date.
From the ceremony to the Banquet in the restaurant usually remains a few hours. At this time, the couple ride through the city, as well as photography. While walking the motorcade visits all the important places in the city: parks, squares, fountains, the place of meeting of the newlyweds, etc. becomes a Tradition and laying flowers to the monument of fallen soldiers (or eternal flame). The development of a route can depend on the advice of the photographer who will prompt where will the most successful pictures. If in a marriage there is a desire to do and video of the wedding day, then this should not engage a photographer offering this same service.
In the restaurant, the newlyweds according to tradition, parents meet with a loaf, from which the groom and the bride should nibble, pre-salted. Also the bride and groom drink champagne and break the glasses. During the Banquet, guests contests the master of ceremonies. The more interesting the program, the more fun it will be a triumph. Are the traditional first dance of the bride and groom, cutting of the cake, bride throwing bouquet groom and garter. For the newly weds in preparation for the celebration, they can choose several wedding ceremonies, which will offer master of ceremonies.
From the restaurant first to leave the Banquet the newlyweds. The return home requires the fulfilment of certain traditions: the groom must carry the bride over the threshold on his hands to protect it from evil spirits, the newlywed stepped through the open castle that the couple close together and throw the key, thereby strengthening the marriage for many years.