Capricorns the second decade, i.e. born between the first and tenth of January, has a stunning tenacity, commitment to excellence and courage. Such people best suited black or dark blue star sapphire. But the bright opaque stones representatives Capricorns the second decade only hurt.
Sapphire called transparent corundum, which is colored by impurities of titanium compounds and iron. These stones come in a variety of color options. As a talisman, sapphire promotes spiritual growth and helps you focus at critical moments. It strengthens the chastity and fidelity, absorbs excess passion, helps to find peace of mind. This stone is famous for his ability to attract friends and repel enemies. This wonderful stone relieves fear, protects from treachery and slander. It is believed that sapphire has the property to purify the blood.
The third decade of Capricorn, born between the eleventh and twentieth of January, feature universal mind. Such people are good psychologists and caustic criticism. They are better suited to the charms of tiger's eye or dark amethyst. Opals and rubies do not fit these people.
Aquarius first decade, those born between twenty-first and thirty-first of January, inventive, intelligent. Aquarians are artistic and have artistic inclinations, often characterized by excessive coldness. Perfect stone for a representative of this type of Aquarius is turquoise. And hyacinth, ruby and sardonyx will not bring him any good.
Tiger eye is a quartz with fibrous inclusions of particular hydroxides of iron and very fine tubular cavities, which give it a brown or Golden color with a characteristic silky luster. As a talisman, it strengthens the ability to concentrate, helps strengthen common sense, developing abilities as educators. It helps the owner to prioritize, to make the right decisions. It is believed that this stone protects the wearer from the deceit of rivals and jealousy.
Turquoise is called the hydrate of copper hydroxide and a double salt of aluminum phosphate. This stone is of a rich sky-blue or blue-green color. Turquoise has the ability to change its color under the influence of organic compounds. It should be noted that turquoise is a versatile stone that can be worn by representatives of all zodiac signs. It enhances intuition, helps to achieve independence and ambition. Brings peace and happiness in the family, thus removes the negativity from others. She attracts men's attention and facilitates the "female" pain.