Variegated agate is the best stone for Twins

Versatile and changeable nature of Gemini does not tolerate constancy, and uniformity. Therefore, these children are the beginning of the summer like no other suitable stone a mottled agate. This mineral is not classified by color and pattern, distinguishing itself with the variety of colors and originality of the picture. You can meet moss, frosty, iridescent, fiery, cloud agates.
Some specimens of variegated agate 1 sq cm contain more than 7,000 layers.

Despite its great originality and variety, agate is quite inexpensive gemstone. But democratic Gemini does not hesitate in such detail, because a veneer of respectability for them is not in the first place.

Traditionally, agate is a symbol of health, courage and longevity, protects from enemies, gives its owner an additional charm, pleasure in communication. From the Greek ahates the name translates as "happy." This stone protects against energy vampirism that is very important for communicative and trusting the Twins.
Some specimens of variegated agate 1 sq cm contain more than 7,000 layers.

Life-giving beryl – energy

Beryl is second favourite stone for Gemini. Varieties – aquamarine, emerald, goshenite, Heliodor, morganite, etc. differ in a variety of shades – from light green to pinkish. It depends on the mineral impurities of manganese, iron, chromium or magnesium.

East, well versed in the stones and their esoteric characteristics, referred to beryl's magic minerals. It is believed that beryl rids the body of negative energy and gives the person the life-giving forces, helps to save the power of the spirit. To have Twins increased brain activity and intellectual ability, it is necessary to carry an amulet or other decoration with beryl, such as a ring.

Amber – love the Twins mascot

Amber is one of the best mascots that brings love, luck and happiness, it helps to make the right choices in love and friendship, it gives comfort and hope. This stone also helps spiritual enlightenment. And is therefore very suitable to the Twins as people who are prone to a bit superficial perception of the world.

Amber especially useful for female Twins as the amulet protects them from the evil eye and guarding the future mother and child during pregnancy. You can wear a gold ring in the form of a snake with amber as a symbol of wisdom and longevity.