Rules to collect cash detailed in Chapter 9, section 3 of the "Regulations of Bank of Russia from April, 24th, 2008 N 318-P "On the procedure of conducting cash operations and rules of storage, transportation and encashment of banknotes and coins Bank of Russia in credit organisations on the territory of the Russian Federation" (with changes and additions)".

Preliminary steps of the organization

For each firm monthly issued a special "safe house" cards (code of form on OKUD – 0402303), in addition, based on the number of collected funds the company receives from a lending institution a certain number of bags with individual rooms.

The actions of collectors

Manual collection is schedule and time of arrival of collectors in the accepted company and will negotiate this time with the leadership of the firms. During the procedure of the collection of the firm's duty is filled with collector card 0402304, which is transmitted credit organizations.

Before leaving the collectors have a stamp, keys and cards 0402303, attorney for the transportation and collection of cash bags. When transferring bags of cash by an employee of the company to the collector, the second is to present first relevant documents 0402303 card and empty bag.

Action cash employee

The cash worker in the transfer bags with cash must present to the collector an invoice 0402300 to the bag, the receipt 0402300 to the bag and sample fillings. It is always present when checking the collector of the integrity of seals and bags, completing the invoice and receipt to the bag, matching the seal pattern, then fills in the card 0402303, the collector verifies with him that the amounts and numbers all filled documents (0402300 and 0402303) and the number of the receiving bags of cash, then receives from the collector of the signed and stamped receipt 0402300 to the bag.

If when filling out recruiting cards 0402303 allowed error, she crossed out the cash and the employee certifies by its signature of the new (correct) entry.

If the integrity of the seal or bag is broken, incorrectly filled transmittal sheet 0402300 to the bag collector is not entitled to make cash. In his presence the defects of the packaging and documentation, if it does not violate the schedule of work of collectors. In some cases, re-in collectors, and this is reflected in a special column the de-facto card 0402303.

In case of failure of delivery of the bags with cash to the cashier, the cash, the employee makes a mark a "failure" in person card 0402303, justifying the denial of a special graph and assuring his signature.

Transportation and subsequent transfer of funds

Bags of cash, invoices 0402300 and safe card 0402303 are placed in cash-in-transit vehicles at all times on the route. At the end of the route the bags with cash surrender to the credit institution, the www. After the transfer of bags collectors pass proxy for the transportation and collection of money, stamp, keys and cards 0402301 and a second copy of the magazine 0402301 duty collector (head of collection).

For individuals collection is done in a similar way.