You will need
  • The form of calculation of the cash balance limit form number 0408020 two copies
  • Calculator
Limit balance of cash must be established annually. The accountant fills the form, which you can take in the servicing Bank at the end of the year. If the organization has opened several accounts in different banks, then you need to contact one of them for their choice.
For the calculation of the limit you need to take the amount of cash receipts for the last 3 months and calculate the average daily revenue by dividing the total revenue by the number of working days for which it was received. To determine the average hourly revenue, divide the resulting amount by the number of working hours in one day.
Next, you need to count the cost in 3 months. The expenditure does not need to include the amount of benefits, wages and scholarships. Determine the average daily amount of expenses.
Based on these data, determine the cash balance should be for normal operation of the enterprise. Better to put a higher number than you expect, and the Bank will decide to odobryat this amount or decrease it. If your business is located in a remote location and rarely collected in, it is possible to increase the amount of the limit.
In calculating the limit, specify the purposes for which you may need cash. As a rule, the cost of salaries, household goods, stationery and other household expenses.
You must fill out a form in duplicate, must be signed by a Director and the chief accountant, the stamp of the organization.