Oven and grill

If you took apart the old Foundation, brick pillars of the fence and you have a lot of this is not a holistic building material, give it a second life. Don't waste money and power on the export of recyclable materials, because of the clinker it is possible to do many useful things right at their summer cottage.

First, sort the broken bricks. Put the small fragments into one, and large pieces in the other direction. Of a slightly damaged building materials, you can build a small oven in the summer kitchen or outdoor grill.

Mix cement with sand in proportion 1:4. Dilute with water to make a mass, resembling a well of melted butter. Place it on a flat plot of land of sheet iron. Generously smear the edges around the perimeter of the prepared solution with a thickness of 2-3 cm.

Place the first row with a width of one brick. Cover this material with a portion of the solution and add the second row. If you use halves and quarters of the brick, then connect them with cement mortar, giving a coherent form. Let the length and width of the furnace will be such that it fits freely skewers with skewers.

Lay the same way 5-7 rows. The end result is a grill with a width of 1 brick. The center of the oven must be left blank. With a spatula with the remaining solution walk around the outside of the masonry.

The summer kitchen can be used as a solution of clay, better blue, but brown. Put it in a bucket, cover with water for 2 hours. Clay during this time will get soggy. Kneaded her hands together with water. This will result in a mass similar in consistency to a thick cream.

The summer kitchen brick is also put on iron shield. The height of the finished structures – 35-40 cm Leave the side of the hole, embed it in a cast-iron door. Put the hob and fasten the pipe with a clay solution.

When it is dry, make a thick solution, and coat the entire oven outside. First moisten brick surface with water so that the clay went smoother.

The old material will help to decorate the site

Use broken bricks to frame the flower beds, the device of the garden paths. With sledge or hammer, and grind it to the desired size. If there is a material multi-colors, create traffic panels in the form of a mosaic, laying brick chips of different colors in a pattern.

Want to surprise your kids? Make thumbnail emeli stove and place it in the garden. Wicker weave a fragment of the fence and put on his clay pot. Illustration to a fairy tale.

Can be molded into pieces of brick with cement mortar, to create a small sculpture and then paint it. Let the garden decorated with a mushroom, a beetle and even a cake made from clinker.