You will need
  • -sandpaper;
  • -hammer and chisel;
  • -blowtorch;
  • construction acid;
  • -moss;
  • -turpentine;
  • wax;
  • -paraffin;
  • -acrylic paint;
  • -sponge;
If you are only planning to make the clutch "antique", the designers are advised to pre-purchase a brick to simulate old stones. They can be used in solid masonry and in the decorative elements.

If you want to wear out the existing wall, it can be done in the following way: take a large sandpaper and RUB the desired area of the surface in order so that it formed a chain of irregularities. Old bricks can not have smooth edges, so take a hammer with a small chisel and gently repel the corner of some bricks.

In order for the brick appeared dark spots and the effect of charring, you need to take a blowtorch and cause "burns" across the masonry. A similar effect can be achieved if used for the same purpose various acids.

To further wear out the clutch, you need to wipe the seams of the land. Some designers suggest to shove in the cracks of conventional moss, which can be brought from the forest.
The final stage is the protection of distressed masonry from moisture. To this heated mixture of turpentine, wax and wax should be applied over the entire surface of the masonry. This not only provides moisture protection, but will make the brick matte and even more ancient in appearance. Another option is the standard protective coating for brick, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

If you want to change the color of the masonry, as well as age progression, the interior designers advise to take for these purposes are acrylic paint, the right color and apply it to the brick using a simple sponge. This will give the coating the effect of antiquity through a kind of porosity of the coating.