You will need
  • - protective gloves
  • - clean rag
  • oil
  • - funnel
Lift the hood of the car, remove the dipstick and check the current oil level. To do this, wear gloves, pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag. Then insert the dipstick into place and remove it again. So you will be able to determine how much more your engine requires oil.
Find out what kind of oil suited for your engine. Most of the information about the viscosity and the name of the brand of oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, are at the cap of the oilfiller cap on a small label either on the lid. If there's nothing there, then this information should be specified in the instruction manual of your car. Never pour oil, making sure that it is suitable for your engine. Also never mix different types of oil: you can cause serious damage to the engine.
Pour in the oil. When you have confirmed that I purchased the correct oil, just Unscrew the cap the oilfiller cap, place a funnel and pour about half of the required amount. Then check the oil level again following the instructions from the first step and, if necessary, top up.
Screw the cap on the oilfiller cap, make sure the dipstick is in place and close the hood of your car.