You will need
  • matrix for replacement;
  • - screwdriver set with special profile;
  • - fine tweezers;
  • thin metal plate.
The most difficult thing when changing the matrix to find a suitable counterpart. Different manufacturers of LCD TVs can use the same model matrix, and therefore to determine the cipher of parts, without disassembling the TV, only from the specifications indicated in the user guide, and even then not always. The best way to find a replacement - take a photo of the nameplate located on the back side of the broken matrix and have them look for the appropriate detail. New matrix buy is not always possible, especially if the TV is relatively new, and therefore you may need to visit the outlets or to purchase a TV of the same model with a screen, but having the damage of a different kind.
To replace the matrix need to completely disassemble the TV. It consists of front and rear halves fastened together with screws or with screws located on the rear wall. After unscrewing the connecting elements of the TV to put the screen up on a soft flat surface and walk a thin metal plate on the perimeter, severing the plastic latches. Front part of the housing can serve as a decorative frame, but most often it to her by means of metal brackets or frames attached matrix TV. It should be removed, after disconnecting the power wire and the signal ribbon cable.
On a new matrix, you must first install the metal mounts, then the entire structure is mounted on the housing of the TV. The sequence of operations during Assembly may vary, depending on hull design, however, should always be mindful of the need to connect signal cables and power cables. Health check a new screen, you need to make to build the TV Cabinet. For this you will need to turn the power on and verify that the backlight matrix works, and on the surface of the screen has no burnt pixels, cracks or stains. When a new display is recognized as healthy, you can complete the body Assembly. If the TV does not display the image on the screen, you may need the approval of the new matrix with the control module via the service menu. Usually manufacturers indicate how to do this, the brochure-manual. If such information could not be found, will have to seek help from a qualified Adjuster.