Advice 1: How to place your child in the short-term group

For the device of the kid in the short-term group needed to collect some documents. The list is uniform for pre-school institutions in all Russian regions.
How to place your child in the short-term group

How to enroll in the short-term group

Group short-term stay is in almost every pre-school institution. They are designed for children aged 2 to 3 years. To record the baby in such a group, no need to wait, when the queue to kindergarten. You can simply contact the management of the institution and to check availability. It is better to apply to kindergarten personally and not through a phone call. During a conversation with the head or HR officer needs to clarify all the details of this form of preschool education.

Design in the short-term group can take time, so it is better to specify in advance what documents are required for this. In the majority of kindergartens these requirements are uniform, but to deal with certain nuances, it is still possible.

What documents are required for admission to the short-term group

If a specialist from the personnel Department will confirm the availability, you will need to bring to preschool a photocopy of the birth certificate of the baby and a printout from the Internet or extract, which will specify a unique number issued at the time of production of the turn to kindergarten. The statement may be obtained at the city Committee on preschool education.

The management of the kindergarten sends copies of the documents for approval to the Committee, and after receiving approval, parents can already apply for admission to kindergarten. At the hands of they must be medical card of the child passed a medical Commission.

For the passage of a fee and get a card you must contact the clinic by place of residence. Much faster to go through all the doctors in one of the clinics paid, but it cost dearly.

For registration of a child in the short-term group, you must have the original birth certificate of the baby, medical the map passed by the Commission, the passport mom or dad of the child. A passport is required for the contract between one of the parents and the kindergarten administration.

It is also necessary to have at itself the policy of compulsory medical insurance of the child. He will definitely need when preparing documents in the office of the attending physician preschools.

After all the formalities are done, the parents can start taking baby out in the short-term group, starting from the day specified in the contract is the date of its entry into force.

Advice 2 : How to place a child in a garden without a residence permit

The admission of children to preschool institution is carried out in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, in particular № 3266-1 from 10.07.92. and laws of subjects of the Russian Federation. The RF Government resolution No. 666 dated 12.09.08. changes, additions, and standard regulations on admission of children and the selection of kindergartens. To arrange the child in a children's garden, must apply to the district municipality and submit a list of documents.
How to place a child in a garden without a residence permit
You will need
  • -passport and photocopy
  • -birth certificate and photocopy
  • -statement of the unified forms
  • documents of beneficiaries
In cities, especially in Metropolitan areas, it is possible to stand in the queue for a place in the children's garden, if one of the parents has a permanent local residence. In small provincial towns try to negotiate and you put in place at the time of registration or actual place of residence. The exception is children of military personnel. This category of children put on the waiting list for a place in the children's gardenat the actual place of residence, regardless of the city and the region in which they live.
So if you want to have a child in an institution, you need to make a permanent record at least one of the parents. To register in any city is not much of a problem as the media is filled with advertisements of different firms and individuals that offer this service for a reasonable amount.
Then contact your local administration. Imagine the passport and a photocopy of all its pages, birth certificate and a photocopy, fill out the application form. If you have any benefits, you must provide documentation on the availability of benefits.
Benefits, for an extraordinary provision of places in children's garden, are: single mothers, large families, participants of military operations, children whose parents were orphans adopted and taken under guardianship, children of employees of justice, of employees who died in the line of duty, children with disabilities or who have disabled parents or a disabled family.
If you live in a provincial town or in the countryside, to contact you without registration or with temporary registration. Often parents are able to arrange to have their children put on a waiting list for a place in the children's garden.
If the amount of registration and registration on the turn don't bet, you can always find a way out of the situation. Now a huge number of private children's gardens, home groups or, in extreme cases, you can hire a nanny.

Advice 3 : How to get a start in the garden

In order for the child to be able to attend the kindergarten, must put him in his place. After the baby will be given a place in one of the preschools, you need to collect some documents and to enter into a contract with the head of the kindergarten.
How to get a start in the garden
You will need
  • birth certificate, passport
So your child is able to go to one of the kindergartens in a timely manner, register it in the city queue on a kindergarten. The sooner you do, the better. In most Russian regions the situation develops in such a way that the baby need to be registered in the queue immediately after receiving the birth certificate.
In order that the child made the lists needing to visit the garden, can come in the pre-school education Committee and to write a statement of the established sample. If you have the opportunity, do it remotely. For this you will need access to the Internet.
Register on the city's Committee on pre-school education, enter into a special electronic boxes surname, name, patronymic of the baby, date of birth, number of birth certificate. Attach to the application file with your scanned original passport of one of parents, birth certificate of the child.
When it is your turn for kindergarten, you must inform. Will tell you exactly what the preschool kid gave the place. If you arrange everything, you can start to undergo a medical examination. Please contact children's clinic at the place of residence. There you will be given a card and tell you which specialists you need to visit and what tests must pass.
When the medical card of the child passed by the Commission will you have on hand, you can go to the leadership of the preschool for the contract. Bring your passport and birth certificate of the child. If necessary, bring the original certificate of temporary registration by place of residence.
After you pass a medical card and sign the agreement, you will be able to drive baby to daycare. Visit a preschool child will be able to run only from the day when start to operate the contract.
In order that your kid can register in a city-wide queue for kindergarten, a parent needs to have a residence the place of residence. If not, take a provisional certificate of registration and show it to the staff of the Committee on pre-school education.
Useful advice
Carefully fill out the contract concluded with the management of the kindergarten, and the annexes thereto. Be sure to indicate in the relevant boxes surname, name, patronymic of those people who can pick up the child from kindergarten.
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