If you are near a server running the Linux operating system, and its screen is showing the desktop, first close your current session. The method of completion depends on which run the GUI. For example, if KDE, click on the button with the letter K and a gear wheel, then from the menu select "log out" and click "End current session". Then in the appeared field, enter the user name root and the password for that user. Will be a new Desk, and you will be able to run programs and run programs as administrator.
On the server Windows do the same, but after the session, press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Fields for entering a username and password will appear only after that. Also note that the root user in the OS is not called as root and "Administrator".
On the server with the Linux operating system if no graphics initially complete stranger to the current session (if it is open) with the command logout. Then enter the user name root followed by the password of the root user. The same can be done in the graphical user interface by running any terminal emulator, for example, rxvt, xterm or Konsole, but instead of a logout command you have to enter login. Now all the commands in this terminal window will be executed on behalf of the user root (from his name you can even run a program that uses graphics), while desktop will remain the same.
In any case, do not connect to the server remotely via Telnet Protocol. If you use SSH (text-based) or VNC (graphical), username and password, enter in the appropriate fields of the client program. After that, the entry under the corresponding name automatically. In the settings of the server must have permission to connect via appropriate protocols.
To log in as administrator in the web interface of the server. With this you get access to all the functions of the machines, but only to all the functions of "engine" forum, website, etc. To do this, go to the site using the browser and then click on "Login". Enter the username and password of the administrator. If we are talking about the online store, the link "log in" for extra security on the main page may be missing. Find out her address from the documentation to the "engine".
Regardless of how you login as an administrator, upon completion of required actions, do not forget to carry out an exit. For this in the text interface, enter the logout command in the graphics - complete session, as outlined above, and in the web interface - click on "Exit".