You will need
  • - required documents:
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - certificate from the bailiff confirming the absence of fines;
  • - certificate from the tax confirming the absence of arrears of taxes;
  • - military ID (for men);
  • the surety residing in Ukraine and having Ukrainian citizenship (the documents confirming the Ukrainian citizenship of your surety).
If you decided to accept the citizenship of Ukraine, must renounce the previous citizenship. For this you need to apply to the Federal migration service, located at the place of residence. In addition to the application, you must provide a reference from the tax, from the bailiffs and military ID (for men). A complete list of documents and sample applications, can be seen on the stand in the FMS.
The Declaration of renunciation of citizenship you can not fill themselves. Typically, the FMS offers a service for completing applications for a modest fee: 100 – 200 rubles.
Once your Declaration of renunciation of citizenship will be discussed and come to a positive response, you can apply for citizenship of Ukraine. If you already reside in the territory of the country, to apply for adoption of Ukrainian citizenship need to the visa office. There you will again be asked to submit some of your papers and documents of the guarantor. Statement on the adoption of Ukrainian citizenship can be submitted in the Embassy of Ukraine, if you are on the territory of another country.
After submitting all the documents you need to have patience and wait for a response to your request. In most cases, comes a positive decision on granting the citizenship of Ukraine.
A negative answer may come in if you have a criminal record or detection of gross violations on your part in the process of filing. If we receive a denial and you disagree, you can appeal it in court.