You will need
  • Two photos, birth certificate, money
Contact the passport office. You need to specify in advance the list of documents required for obtaining a passport of citizen of Ukraine. Distinguish between a core set of documents that everyone needs, and more – if necessary.
Basic documents:- birth certificate;
- two photos (size 3,5x4,5 cm). Photos that must be submitted to the passport office for a passport must make one negative, without a hat, with a face only full-face. Photographs make thin colored or white paper, without a corner. If you wear glasses constantly, then you need to take a picture in them.
Additional documents:- certificate of return to Ukraine, but rather a permanent place of residence. In the passport there should be an appropriate level for travel abroad, which is issued by employees of immigration and of territorial citizenship;- passport of Ukraine, which is issued for travel abroad for those who lived abroad for permanent place of residence;- certificate of affiliation to Ukrainian citizenship; certificate of release from places of execution of punishment, if, before the time of the conviction the person did not have a passport or he had not withdrawn;- the certificate of registration issued by the specialized Agency responsible for homeless people.
Write a blank passport. The statement must be filled only by you (the applicant), personally and always by hand in clear handwriting, full answers to the questions. Never use abbreviations and acronyms.
Pay the duty. A receipt or a copy of it you need to provide during the submission of documents to passport office.
Receive your passport. For one month from the time you submitted the application and all documents will receive a notification about the readiness of the passport.