Before you choose curtains for the white Wallpaper, you need to consider that the color can visually expand or reduce the premises. Bright Wallpaper and furniture make the room much more spacious, so it is right to support this effect with the help of well-chosen curtains.
Of course, the choice of decor for the room in which you are going to continue to live, you must rely on your own taste and intuition, the most perfect decor, if you do not like, will not bring joy and pleasure. It is worth considering that white backgrounds are fairly universal so they will fit curtains of almost any color, but that combination looked really good, it is advisable to follow a few basic rules.
Most often the decoration of Windows is approaching the walls of the room. Curtains or blinds should be in harmony with the Wallpaper and to perform a number of additional functions. If your room lacks light, bright and quite light curtains warm hues will help to create the appearance of better coverage. Premises with lack of sunlight combine well with yellow, pink, peach fabrics. Rooms on the Sunny side will look good with curtains of cold colors — blue, blue or purple.
If you have a plain white Wallpaper, you can afford to choose blinds and curtains with patterns, prints and bright prints. To embossed Wallpaper or Wallpaper with a picture better suited plain curtains. Make sure that the color of the curtains are well combined with the furniture or upholstery if you decide to do in the room the main emphasis in the decoration of Windows, do not argue with the environment.
If your room with white Wallpaper is bright, classic-style furniture, try to combine it with beige or cream curtains by adding matching accessories — holders, brushes, additional decorative elements. This option is more visually expand the room, giving it elegance and sophistication.
For those who prefer a less traditional style is to try to focus on the window. With white Wallpaper look great curtains with bold geometric patterns, in this case, it is very important that the environment did not argue with them.
If you prefer the in between not too classic and not too modern decoration of the room, note the muted, "dusty", but rich colors — deep plum, forest green, sand or coral.