Design net curtains for the hall

First of all, we should define the role of curtains in the room: they can play a major role and become the highlight of the interior, and can serve as background, highlighting the beautiful furniture and other items in the interior. When choosing a color palette please note that the shades are contrasting or different from each other in several colors.

Carefully pick up the style of tulle on the basis of total design for the room, or purchase neutral curtains of pastel colors without a pattern. When sewing it is necessary to consider the combination of textures of fabrics, color harmony. Keep in mind that textured or mottled can only be one of used tissues, and the other to play the role of complementary elements.

Tulle hall

The choice depends on your taste and style of the room. For example, the interior of the country style requires a simple cotton materials, and classic or modern – the heavier, textured and luxurious fabrics. The way window decorations are also important. Recently the wide circulation was received of the Japanese, Austrian and string curtains. They make the room original and unusual, but require an appropriate design.

Tulle eyelets for the hall has an impressive appearance and rich functionality. It combines the smooth beautiful folds across the width of the window opening and gentle and a sufficiently practical mount. Grommets can be plastic or metal. For example, in a hall in a modern style with perfect chrome eyelets and shiny metal cornice. Also, the tulle on the eyelets - great for a living room with a balcony because these curtains are easy to push, and they will quickly take its original appearance after you get them back in place.

Tulle valance is more suitable for spacious and bright rooms. And best of all it looks in a room with a classic interior design. Pelmet can be tough adhesive, may be composed of several semicircles to be changeover or manual Assembly. The main rule – the more space, the more complex elements and folds may be present on the tulle.

White tulle is ideal for rooms with bright rich design. In this case it plays the role of a smooth background. Very popular are various shades of cream, powdery and light-grey color, rarely white. Monochromatic light curtains can be supplemented with small folds or original cornice. On the white canvas look interesting variety of plant, geometric patterns or other patterns.