You will need
  • - curtains;
  • - ledge;
  • accessories for curtains.
For bedroom, you must only choose blackout curtainsthat are able to darken the room at any time of the day. Let it be curtains, Drapes, roller or Japanese curtains – what matters is that through them the light passed. After all, for a healthy night's sleep a person needs to be dark.
It is important to correctly choose the design of curtains. It is no wonder that the curtains are called for. In order for the curtains when open, the window didn't look naked, you should use transparent tulle. It is also important to choose the right ledge that is appropriate in style to the curtains.
The color of the curtains is very important. As a rule, for the bedroom, choose curtains in natural (blue, green, brown) or pastel shades. Bright fabrics, fabrics with eye-catching drawings are not suitable for window decoration in the bedroom.
Of course, the choice of color of curtains should consider the overall color scheme of the textiles in the interior. Look great layered curtains from fabrics of different shades for example, white and beige. The main thing – the curtains do not have to "dissolve" among the wall – merge with them.
Natural fabrics are always timely. This is especially true when it comes to textiles in the bedroom. For curtains in this room should prefer linen, cotton, blended fabric with a high content of natural fibers.