The basic rules of color selection

You can choose curtains for the color of furniture or walls. If the room has many colors, and you don't know what combination of curtains, choose a drapery fabric, the color of which matches the color of a large piece of furniture (kitchen facade, large sofa, carpet, etc.).

Homeowners hesitant in their design abilities, we can recommend to stay fashionable, neutral tones (beige, cream or sand). In this case, you can easily change the mood and style of the room without replacing your curtains.

To draw attention to the window, for example, to divert attention from another, not the most successful part of the interior, choose curtains in bright colors. It is better to give preference to fabrics in plaid, stripes or with a variety of patterns. To rally with colourful curtains interior components, run from the same cloth cushions, upholstery chairs, table cloth, lampshade etc.

To mitigate the polychrome interior will help bright plain curtains. To create a monochrome interior is optional to hang curtains that exactly match the color of other textiles, you can take fabric shades close.
White color in its pure form is too aggressive and should be mitigated by adding coffee, pink, beige, or other colors.

The color of the curtains and the room size

With the help of colors of curtains, you can visually change the size of the room. So, to create the effect of zoom-in and zoom the window to fit curtains in colours from yellow to purple-red. Color make up the color palette cool, on the contrary, visually alienates the object. A similar effect is achieved if you drape window curtains blue, pearl, pale green, lavender, and similar shades.

The color of the curtains and the purpose of the room

In the bedroom, which is the area for recreation, it is better to choose curtains in muted tones that will not prevent relaxation. Bright colors are permissible only for accessories. A calming effect has a pleasant green, pearl and cream-gray colors.
If the room is a lot of furniture from natural wood, it would be appropriate to shuttered Windows light organza.

The color scheme of the curtains in the kitchen depends on the style of the interior. The style of "country" suggests a cage, pastel, striped or floral pattern. Style "hi-tech" meet minimalist curtains cool shade. Classic style will accentuate the solid fabric of a suitable color or two-, three-color checkered or striped. The fabric of food, usually light, which enables access to the sun, and his framing depends entirely on the taste of the owners.