General principles for selection curtains

In order to choose the right curtains for bedroom, you should also know the basic rules of selection of curtains for rooms of different sizes, height, function and style. You should know that if your bedroom is small, lush curtains, however beautiful they may be, will look in it too pompous and ponderous. In this case, to visually make the room bigger, select a more modest curtains, the color harmonizing with the color of the walls. Low ceilings will be higher if the fabric is vertically oriented or will it be a stripe. In a large room short or too simple curtains will look out of place. For bedroom a large area, you can choose the material of the curtains with large, but not a bright pattern.

The value can have and the location of bedrooms relative to the cardinal directions. If it is on the North side and it is not often staying with the sun, choose curtains in warm tones of beige, yellow, orange or light green. When the bedroom is on the Sunny side of the house, for it is more fit blinds from materials of cool colours – grey, blue, purple.

Curtains for bedroom: the General approach

What kind of curtains you hang in the bedroom, consider in advance, at the stage when you will do a design project by ordering it from a specialist garage, or by creating independently. You need to consider what type of curtains will be hanging in this room, what material color and quality, how they will look. In the case where the design of the bedroom you will develop yourself, suitable design options you can see by the photos in special magazines or on the Internet.

In the General case, your choice should be determined by the functional purpose of this space is for sleep: his whole situation should create a feeling of comfort and peace, promote good sleep and proper rest. Decide and so will make you focus on the window by highlighting it using the curtains, or on the contrary, they will be in color to be combined with decoration and furniture. Decide which style is more suitable for your bedroom and will be her a single stylistic solution, complex or simple will be your curtains. Pick a color, as in the case of finish, such that it is fall you have a sense of comfort, and not bothered you.

Depending on the style, which will be solved bedroom, choose a style. If you want to make a window with a decorative interior element, choose style medium or short length with a variety of decorations such as valances, cornices and bands. In that case, when the curtains will bear a protective function, limiting the access of light, select for them a long leaf and dense fabric. Consider these options as a combination of curtains of different types, such as plain curtains and blinds.


To color the material for the curtains should not cause irritation too dark or too bright tone, it needs to complement and harmoniously fit into the interior, combined with flooring, upholstery, walls and accessories. Interior designers recommend to choose for the curtains in the bedroom more bright colors, the curtains did not look too heavy. If you use tulle, better if it is solid without patterns and woven patterns, white or beige, barely there pastel shades.
Note that the bright, flashy colors, contrasting combinations in the bedroom is not only inappropriate, but can get bored very quickly.

What material to choose

The choice of the material for the curtains in the bedroom should be suitable and practical, because they will need to periodically wash. In addition, bright curtains will quickly burn out if the bedroom Windows are on the South side. Perfect for this room and the materials made from natural fabrics, they are perfectly erased, while maintaining its appearance. Silk, linen and cotton curtains look good in the bedroom, the interior of which is made in a minimalist, Oriental, Mediterranean or country style. In any case, try to get material for curtains in the bedroom contain natural fibers.

Curtains in different styles

If the interior of a bedroom decorated in a traditional style, hang curtains in her classic style, which can be supplemented with swags of fabric, pattern combined with Wallpaper and furnishings. If your bedroom has a beautiful original Windows, not hide them behind the draperies – hang her curtains simply style that would not attract attention.
Use for bedroom original style decision, not necessarily to do it in total style with the other rooms in the apartment. The same applies to the style of curtains.

Simply plain curtains on the wide loops perfect for a bedroom in Oriental or Japanese style, but the modern style implies asymmetry, contrasting combination of light airy fabric. For bedroom high-tech style, choose a combination of blinds with paintings of light, airy tulle without pictures and patterns. In this bedroom appropriate to use the curtains of modern high-tech non-woven materials of contrasting colors or metallic.