Types of sewing machines

Sewing machines are:

- Electromechanical. This is the easiest option, which is suitable for a beginner. Such sewing machines and is recommended for starters. Configuring seam and thread tension occurs independently by the user. These machines often come with a pedal for speed flow. There are such a sewing machine is inexpensive.

- Programmable. Such sewing machines all set up automatically, you need only to select the desired sewing program. The screen displays all the information: the type of seam, stitch, thread and fabric.

- Sewing and embroidery machines. Such sewing machines not only sew, but also can embroider any patterns. These machines are fully automated, they can hook up your computer for software updates or patterns.

- Overlock. Such a sewing machine is not intended for sewing. They quickly treat the edges of the product so that thread didn't crumble.

What sewing machine is recommended for beginners

For those new to handmade business experts advise to pay attention on the first type of sewing machines.

Electromechanical machines are easy to manage, easy to refuel the thread. These sewing machines don't require constant software updates. They are less likely to fail, and minor difficulties are easily resolved at home, without a master. They are very simple to change a broken needle or the wrong foot. These sewing machines are a standard set of lines, and a little decorative, which is quite enough for home crafts. On Electromechanical machines you can quickly and easily learn how to sew.

You should pay attention to when buying a sewing machine

View of the Shuttle device. The simplest form of Shuttle device, which can be found in old mechanical typewriters, it rocks. It is quite convenient for low-speed sewing.

For the modern "treadle" sewing machines use a horizontal Shuttle device. It is convenient in terms of threading, the filament in them are rarely confused. The only disadvantage of this Shuttle device – adjust the tension of the lower thread.

Adjusting the tension of the upper thread and pressure foot on the fabric. In computer models of sewing machines such functions automated. And Electromechanical models need manually to configure everything, because it affects the quality of lines on different types of tissues.

The gain of the puncture of tissue with a needle. When buying an Electromechanical sewing machine ask the seller depends on whether the force of the puncture of tissue with a needle from the sewing speed. For sewing all kinds of fabrics need to strength puncture was always maximum, regardless of sewing speed.

Lines. In the Electromechanical models have a small set of lines. Be sure to be straight lines with different step size blind stitch, zig-zag. Perhaps in the chosen model are and decorative stitches. Ask the seller how many lines and what is in the sewing machine. The young seamstress is usually enough only the standard set of lines. Computer embroidery and sewing machine has a large set of lines, it is also possible to download a new one.

The speed of sewing. It depends on how hard you press on the pedal. Such "pedal" models easy to learn, if just to practice. In some older models of Electromechanical machines speed is adjustable with a lever – controller and buttons on screen.Off."

Whatever sewing machine you choose, it is necessary to adjust and learn to sew it on. The rest of the experience will come with time, is only the beginning.