The first thing you should pay attention to is the weight of the machine. Normal the machine should not weigh less than 6-7 kg, otherwise it will not be a metal frame(base). On such machines, all mounted on a plastic cover and a frequent cause of trouble is breakage or deformation of the plastic housing, to restore which is not possible. Therefore, the machine must weigh more than 6 kg more Than the weight of the car the more metal and metal parts, which increases lifespan.
Need to determine the number of operations that you will need for normal operation at home.
If the machine You need to sew curtains or bed linen(non-stretchable material), the presence of knit stitches are not necessary, but if you are going to do minor clothing repair or sewing products, the presence of knit lines is necessary.
If there is a need in the decoration of the jewelry designs, it is useful to presence of decorative stitches or alphabets(monograms).
If this be not enough, it makes sense to consider a machine with embroidery unit. Sewing and embroidery machine will be convenient if the amount of work is not great. Otherwise, it would be better to have two machines separately.
Decide on a Shuttle device.
Sewing machines are of the Shuttle device.
Household appliances found 3 types of Shuttle: oscillating(classic), horizontal(rotating) and double obecanja.
a) suspension(classic) the Shuttle is the easiest option. found cheaper versions of cars, as it requires regular cleaning and lubrication, the gathering threads are difficult, higher wear due to the rolling(the direction of rotation) of the Shuttle. Price is the advantage of this type of Shuttle. Ideal for rare works, perform minor repairs to clothing in everyday life.
b) a horizontal hook is suitable for more frequent work. Found on more expensive sewing machines because less demanding compared to oscillating hook, has a high resource, in the rest of the work, gathering the threads on this type of Shuttle is easier(due to rotation). The optimal ratio of price and quality. Suitable for frequent operation.
C) Hook double obecanja is considered the most reliable and durable, is similar to industrial. On machines with this type of Shuttle is the easiest Assembly of the filament, which reduces the likelihood of tangling. The cost of these machines is the biggest, but justified by higher productivity. Suitable for continuous operation.
When choosing a sewing machine should pay attention to the presence of the electronic unit. Its presence indicates advanced functionality and significant simplification of the control machine, and there are many pleasant and sometimes indispensable functions( speed limit, needle positioning, spot tacking, thread trimming, etc.)
In sewing machines with electronic unit reduces the load on the mechanical part of the machine, thus increasing the service life, but need to pay attention to manufacturer and Assembly.