Advice 1: How to choose a machine to remove the pellets

Buy cool crocheted or knitted things like that it lasts as long as possible. But not always, these expectations are met. Often, after a month of socks on the material surface appear ugly pills. To wear such a thing becomes unpleasant. Many women try to prolong the life jackets or sweaters, cutting off the matted fibers. Therefore, a real boon for Housewives became a special machine, designed to help you accomplish this hard work.
How to choose a machine to remove the pellets
When buying cars for removal of the pellets will note on its design. It may have a hemispherical shape or be provided with a comfortable handle. But the principle in both cases is similar to the razor: the pellets are removed using nets with small holes; their edges sharpened. And behind the mesh is the knife, which rotates at high speed, and cuts the fibers. Note: if the holes are very small cars, the big pellets don't log in or get stuck between the mesh and the knife, and you will have to disassemble the typewriterto clean.
Inspect the machine. Good thing manufacturers do not allow negligence in the Assembly. Items should be well fitting to each other and not have chipping, otherwise the machine will do the clues on the fabric. Better if she released a well-known firm and has a warranty period of at least one year.
Do not chase the cheapness. Very cheap cars can be made of low quality materials. If the bad metal, the product will quickly become blunted. Most reliable – steel blade.
Choose a machine of optimum size: big not very comfortable and with the little you have to work longer, as the working surface for capturing the pellets is too small. Hold it in your hands – if it is convenient, most likely, and its use will not cause serious problems.
Also note that if a transparent container to collect the pellets is too small, then while working you often have to clean him up, because with the filled container the machine does not work.
Included with this machine can go cap and brush for easy cleaning, but whether it is up to you.
If the device has a height adjustment of the blades of the nozzle, this will allow to use it for fabrics with different size of the pile. Removal of the pellets can be made closer to the surface and from the surface of thin materials.
Cars are run in several versions. In the first case power supply is performed from the network. If you prefer this, please note length of wire. In the second case she has one battery. For reviews of buyers, it has too often replaced. Is the device powered from two AA batteries. You can just change or insert a rechargeable battery and periodically put them on charge. There are also cars that have an integrated battery, charging from the network. What is the most convenient, you choose depending on the frequency and location of use of the machine.

Advice 2: How to choose a puppy husky with the purchase

Husky is a breed of dog bred specifically to living in the harsh Northern climate. Due to its unusual attractive appearance, thick fleece and good character are increasingly in demand by breeders. However, to puppies of this breed should be approached with the utmost seriousness, so you do not have any problems with an adult dog.
How to choose a puppy husky with the purchase

Features of the breed.

The Northern husky dog bred as a sled dog in the far North, therefore, the representatives of this breed differ endurance and are resistant to severe cold, thick coat and undercoat. The purest representatives of this breed have unusual blue eyes, but most huskies today are brown-eyed. Their color is usually black and white, but can be presented also pale shades or white-brown.

They are quite smart and easy to get along with people. However, his friendly disposition, huskies are not suitable as a safe guard the house. They just can't do a hostile attitude, and all attempts to break their friendliness towards a certain person end up with mental problems.

Huskies are pretty neat dogs – they rarely unpleasant smell, and a thick coat is perfectly cleared itself. However, they still need brushing and periodic bathing.

How to choose a puppy husky

Before buying it is very important to determine the purpose of the purchase representative of this breed. If you want to participate in the exhibition or breeding of dogs, need a more rigorous approach to the choice of puppy. If you just want to have a dog as a beloved pet and friend, to buy any puppy without a long pedigree.

Then, you must find an experienced breeder with good recommendations. Today, thanks to the Internet you can find a lot of useful information on those engaged in breeding huskies, and also read the reviews of people about their work. It is also useful to meet with the breeder in person to make your own opinion about it. During a conversation it is important to ask as many questions as possible about the huskies and the pedigree of the puppies is an experienced breeder will always give full information about it.

Puppies it is advisable to choose age 6, and even better from 8 weeks – at this age, already manifested the dog's temperament and future structure. To make the right choice, it is useful to observe the puppy in natural conditions, not on the table from a breeder – then it may reveal its true nature.

You must also ask about the papers on the pet and its pedigree, see pictures of the parents. If you plan to drive it to the exhibition, it is also important to get the results of veterinary checks of the mother and father of the puppy, including x-rays of the hips and check the colors of the eye.

When choosing a puppy it is also important to trust your instinct. Do not take a puppy that is initially negatively applies to you or much afraid. Huskies are very receptive to people, so don't just look at the papers and correct development of your dog, but also try to feel intuitively in future puppy friend.

Advice 3: How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

Though the word "cognac" and is entitled to be the only drink given in the French province, but the store is still referred to as all drinks are made according to cognac technology. Aged in oak barrels grape alcohol cognac, the drink is quite exquisite and expensive – it often brings in the form of a gift that already speaks about its status, but often counterfeited. Good affordable cognacs are produced in Armenia, but they are when you buy in the store are often counterfeit.
How to choose a real Armenian cognac with the purchase

What are the Armenian brandies

Unlike French brandies, an excerpt of which are marked with obscure letters: V. S., V. S. O. P., V. O., V. V. S. O. P., X. O., etc., Armenian cognacs are classified according to this parameter only into three categories: ordinary, vintage and collection.

Exposure of ordinary cognacs are indicated by asterisks: 1 year – 1 star. The minimum aging period of the cognac this "age group" 3 years, maximum of not less than 5 years. Age of vintage cognacs marked with letters. If the bottle says "KV - aged brandy, this means that before bottling it languished in oak barrels for at least 6 years. In the case when his "imprisonment" lasted for at least 8 years on the bottle says "KVVK - cognac sustained the highest quality. The letters "CS" - brandy old – they say that the drink is aged for at least 10 years, and "OS" is very old – at least 20 years. The collector's cognacs are older than 20 years of additional aging in barrels or in bottles for at least 3 years.

In store to distinguish the real Armenian cognac from a fake

Unfortunately, the main part of the famous cognac brands sold in quantities several times greater than what is stated in the records of the manufacturers. Are no exception and Armenian cognac. Choosing a beverage in the store, where has no possibility to evaluate its palatability, the first note on the bottle. Made of glass, it is, nevertheless, must look quite "dapper", no chips or cracks. Branded bottles with vintage and collectible brandy glass is decorated with a logo-print manufacturer.

The printing quality of labels has to be perfect – good quality paper, colors are bright, the letters are clear. The label should be glued over the entire surface, through it should not be visible glue. Inspect the tube – it should sit tight and damage on it are excluded. An indirect confirmation of the authenticity can serve as the match specified on the label or carton of the places where the cognac was made and bottled.

Cognac, especially aged, has a fairly high density. So, if you take the bottle in hand, and sharply turn it upside down, the liquid should not flow down the walls, and the dense mass to separate from the bottle of the day. Thus up must first rise of large air bubbles and then smaller is the density of the drink.

Advice 4: How to choose a capping machine

Seaming machine is a special machine which allows you to seal cans of different lengths. Even the simplest versions of such machines provide a sufficient level of reliability when rolling, absolutely precluding the penetration of air in the banks, and with it the threat of bacteria.
How to choose a capping machine
The sealing machines are divided into three main types. For example, you can purchase a desktop machine for rolling with two rollers — a fairly massive box with clamping devices. To roll up the Bank with it, you'll need to cover it with a lid with rubber ring and placed in that same box, placing it close to the hard clamps, and then secure the slot with the turn of the screw. Then put the jar, cartridge machines and quickly, but gently several times to click on the handle, whereby the edge of the lid buckle close to the neck of the container. In the end, you need a circular flowing movements of the handles to roll up the cover until it stops.
Another kind of sealing machines — semi-automatic key. These products are available cost effective and easy to use. The process of closing with them is as follows: you have tightly secured the cover to the neck of the jars and turn the key in one direction (6-10 times), until then, until you hear a click. The latter indicates that the Bank is fully closed.
But the most easy to use is considered to be the closing key auto type — you need to wear it on the lid, and then, turning in a circle and press the levers a few times. This process will take you no more than 30 seconds — the lid is pressed against the neck of the banks as a result of special springs that are inside the key. Such a device is equipped with a special mechanism that protects the Bank from chipping, and covers from various scratches, dents, etc.
In addition to the usual sealing machines available today and the so-called sealing-rolling aggregates — combined model, able to open jars and lids to return to their original shape. The main difference of these devices from conventional seaming machines is the availability of special keys in the set to remove the covers and inserts for their recovery.
You can choose absolutely any capping machine, but remember that it must be high quality and durable, have easy pivoting arms, which, in turn, should lie comfortably in the hand.
In order to test how effectively a machine for twist cans, first of all carefully inspect the cover — all kind of bumps or dents in the bezel or top is unacceptable. Then turn the sealed jar upside down. If you noticed that upward from cover raised air bubbles from the jar or fluid inside, then the machine is defective and it is best to replace it with a new one.
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