When buying cars for removal of the pellets will note on its design. It may have a hemispherical shape or be provided with a comfortable handle. But the principle in both cases is similar to the razor: the pellets are removed using nets with small holes; their edges sharpened. And behind the mesh is the knife, which rotates at high speed, and cuts the fibers. Note: if the holes are very small cars, the big pellets don't log in or get stuck between the mesh and the knife, and you will have to disassemble the typewriterto clean.
Inspect the machine. Good thing manufacturers do not allow negligence in the Assembly. Items should be well fitting to each other and not have chipping, otherwise the machine will do the clues on the fabric. Better if she released a well-known firm and has a warranty period of at least one year.
Do not chase the cheapness. Very cheap cars can be made of low quality materials. If the bad metal, the product will quickly become blunted. Most reliable – steel blade.
Choose a machine of optimum size: big not very comfortable and with the little you have to work longer, as the working surface for capturing the pellets is too small. Hold it in your hands – if it is convenient, most likely, and its use will not cause serious problems.
Also note that if a transparent container to collect the pellets is too small, then while working you often have to clean him up, because with the filled container the machine does not work.
Included with this machine can go cap and brush for easy cleaning, but whether it is up to you.
If the device has a height adjustment of the blades of the nozzle, this will allow to use it for fabrics with different size of the pile. Removal of the pellets can be made closer to the surface and from the surface of thin materials.
Cars are run in several versions. In the first case power supply is performed from the network. If you prefer this, please note length of wire. In the second case she has one battery. For reviews of buyers, it has too often replaced. Is the device powered from two AA batteries. You can just change or insert a rechargeable battery and periodically put them on charge. There are also cars that have an integrated battery, charging from the network. What is the most convenient, you choose depending on the frequency and location of use of the machine.