The body of each of us behaves during pregnancy: someone feels a surge of strength and can move mountains, someone on the contrary- the hand cannot move and is ready to sleep through the entire 9 months. I had something in between: with terrible morning sickness the first 3 months and the dramatic transformations in the Hippo in the hot sun (edema) in the last trimester. That is why I want to share with you all that helped me, having been tested on their own experience.

The toxicosis. First thing – forget all the stereotypes set by movies. Pickles does not protect from toxicity and they do not want! To eat better to start immediately after waking up in bed a couple of times to bite a drying or a slice of bread, soak for 5-10 minutes and try to stand. I personally haven't helped, but a hearty lunch and you can dine three times with all the colleagues in the office at a time) became the salvation for the whole afternoon. My friend drank warm tea with lemon, and she felt better. Toxicosis may occur in the first and third trimester (the second is considered the most stable and peaceful period). In the "summer" toxicosis, in my opinion, there are pluses – a lot of veggies and fruit, everything is green, the weather is perfect... like it or not, and the mood is lifted and you want something delicious... Apples, citrus fruits, juices, pickles, or burgers – try all that I want and will find your "secret" product! They say that morning sickness can be a symptom of lack of vitamin B6, but on this occasion it is best to consult with your personal physician.

Food and drink in the heat. In the summer you should be especially careful in the hot season increases the possibility of poisoning of perishable products (e.g. milk). You should carefully limit the intake of heavy meats (such as barbecue), and no (generally not recommended during pregnancy) of foods, spicy, fried, salty and... Only healthy, useful food. Not greasy beef, rabbit, chicken white meat and fish. Better boiled (casseroles, meatballs, meatballs or just boil pieces). In summer, experts recommend low-fat varieties of oceanic small fish. And about the sushi – forget, it's a very great risk of poisoning, raw fish, especially in summer (because you don't know exactly in what conditions it was made and stored, and transported in a hot car any good product will not do). Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in solid form or salads. And very carefully follow the drinking regime, to avoid dehydrated. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the doctors limit the amount of liquid that is allowed to drink to reduce the risk of edema. In the heat is a real challenge, you can save the freshly brewed green tea (contains caffeine, tones, quenches thirst) and drinks made of sour berries.

Speaking of food, tell me, did someone promised those strange desire for chalk, plaster, or herring with a strawberry banana jam? For all 9 months and not wait for creative requests from the body... And you?

Pillow for pregnant women. Time goes by and your tummy with the baby becoming more and more... Sleep like before will not work: on my stomach to sleep contraindicated (everything is logical: not to harm the child) on the back to sleep in the third trimester are also often banned (stomach heavy and can interfere with breathing and passing internal organs, so I was told), and on the side to sleep is not very convenient, as the stomach outweighs. You can roll the blanket into a ball and slip under the belly or to buy a special pillow for pregnant women. First, you will sleep on it comfortably, then it will relax your baby. (While the baby is not advised to perch on the ass, it can perch in the center of the pads, because there is no strain on the pelvis and spine, the child is comfortable and interesting)

Insomnia or sleep problems. Choose bed linen made from natural fabrics, better than cotton. Please check beforehand in order not to "bite" and not irritated, for example, a pattern, and that anything can happen... We sometimes 3 times per night b & b was paratactical (thanks husband for patience) is very much like sleeping in a freshly ironed or Vice versa is cool. Especially the moment it becomes relevant in the summer because of the heat outside and sleep even harder. Don't forget this well ventilate the room before going to sleep, it is better to walk outside in the cool of the evening. Wet wipe often, turn on a humidifier or periodically moisten the air of the spray (economical option).

Swelling. I kept drinking regime, doing massage for 15 minutes a day laying upside down (all the advice – prevention of varicose veins). But the foot is always swollen... I Want to share the magic remedy for swollen feet. A long time could not fall asleep, as the feet to be much better... But the foot cream with menthol gives a feeling of welcome coolness.

Bandage. Somewhere in the 22-30 week (as anyone) may need to purchase prenatal bandage. It is administered to all expectant mothers. Some women are quite cost special support underwear. Indications for wearing a brace may be: pain from the lumbar region (bandage reduces the load on the spine, because the back becomes lighter); with the threat of interruption of pregnancy or immaturity of the cervix; with a low position of the baby with weak muscles of a stomach of mother (bandage fixes the position of the baby and gives him to fall); in the case of particularly large load (twins or triplets); after previous cesarean section (uterine scar) or other gynaecological surgery, after which there the past 1.5-2 years before the pregnancy; a pinched nerve in the lumbar or any other troubles. The band can recommend you your doctor or you yourself can contact him with a request to help in the selection of a suitable model. It is also worth to ask your doctor to tell you how to put a bandage on it (a better show). The Internet is full of instructions, but it is possible that something is confused or not understand.

Practical tips in the heat. My daughter was born August 2, and all the charm of the third trimester in +30 and higher (the summer was very hot, and the apartment is on the Sunny side) I experienced.

1. In the last 2 months took a shower 3-4 times a day. Regular sponging, foot baths... it really helps to cool and prevent swelling.
2. Under the scorching sun, my feet grew in size right in front (from the shop to the house came a very different – sized person) - not for nothing are advised to stock up on the most convenient and open shoes. My advice – flip flops! Sole and 2 rope, don't restrict your feet, not constraining movements.
3. Remove all rings and jewelry - very frustrating to pull a ring from a swollen finger, tested personally.
4. During pregnancy to tan and burn easy. The level of melanin in the skin of the expectant mother is much higher than before. Because each time for 20 minutes before going outdoors use sunscreen.
5. Avoid overheating on the street: wear loose, lightweight clothes made of natural breathable fabrics, bright colors; don't forget the headpiece (perhaps a hat with fields – and in addition protect your face from the scorching sun).
6. Use the correct safety belt (and not only in the heat - just a very important tip, especially for those who are driving).

And lastly I want to say: British sociologists have found that the best British sprinters and footballers were born in the summer; and people born in summer months are less likely to suffer obesity. So if you're lucky enough and third trimester fell at the hottest time of year – even thought about the active toddler who soon will not let you get bored, delight you!

All in a great mood and early onset of heat!!!