To hide the pregnancy

Many women prefer to hide their pregnancy from other people. For such behavior there are many reasons. Someone does not want to make this ahead of time learned superiors, and who is afraid of the evil eye and wants to protect himself and the kid from gossip and gossip.

In order to hide their condition from others, there are many tricks. The most important sign of pregnancy is a growing stomach. Most often, people first notice the rounded tummy, and then begin to ask uncomfortable questions. The rounded forms, you can hide with clothes.

For as long as possible to keep the pregnancy secret, you need to learn to dress right. Unless, before the woman had preferred to wear tight dresses, then change the style to her should gradually to no one about anything not guessed. The stomach appears only 3-4 months, so until that time, others may be able to get used to the fact that their friend started to dress a little differently.

To the stomach was not visible, it is recommended to wear very loose, but at the same time, a fashionable and well-cut clothes. Shapeless robes in this case will cause unnecessary questions. Many women prefer dresses and blouses with an Empire waistline, but really this is a big mistake. Such clothing only emphasizes the rounded belly.

You also shouldn't wear specialized clothes for pregnant women, just a little. The range of these things in every city is not so great and around, seeing the familiar model of the dress or blouse, you can just guess about pregnancy.

Concealing his interesting position, you should try to avoid all sorts of feasts, which assumes the use of alcoholic beverages. If a woman were allowed to drink at such events a bit of wine or champagne, and then began to drink, in others it can cause a number of issues.

Pregnancy and work

Every woman has the right to decide whether to tell her about her pregnancy close to her people or not, and when is the best time to do it. But in relation to the employer will be much more honest to declare your pregnancy in advance. This will avoid some misunderstandings.

The employer will need to find a replacement worker, left on maternity leave, and also to allocate a decent amount to pay owed benefits. That is why it is advisable to inform at work about your situation. To write a request for vacation will be once in the antenatal clinic will be given sick leave.