Conception in the winter

If conception occurred during the winter months – December, January, February – then the child will likely be born in the fall. In this case, the first months of pregnancy comes at a time when in the midst of a flu epidemic and other infectious diseases, and the embryo in the first weeks are very sensitive to viruses. You should also consider that the child will be born in autumn is not the most pleasant time of year: mud, rain, cloudy days contribute to mom's postpartum depression.

However, the last trimester of pregnancy, if it falls on the autumn months, is easier, since preeclampsia continues to go well, sleeping problems rare, there is less swelling.

Conception in the spring

If you conceive in March, April or may, he will be born next winter. Among the disadvantages are the fact that the organisms of the parents in the spring not getting enough vitamins, which may depend on the health of a son or daughter. But this problem is easily solved by choosing a good multivitamin remedies and proper nutrition. Also in the spring is also a fairly high risk of getting a cold or flu, so you need to protect yourself from disease. And in the last months of pregnancy the woman needs to carefully monitor its safety in winter increases the risk of falls and injuries due to slippery roads.

But in winter, the body produces a lot of melatonin, which has a favorable impact in the last trimester of pregnancy also reduces insomnia and preventing the development of complications.

Besides, cold is in the last stages is transferred more easily than heat.

Conception in the summer

If pregnant in the summer, the birth will take place in the spring. This is the time of conception the doctors call the most successful organisms of the mother and father get plenty of vitamins and plenty of sun, not sick and full of energy, so laid the foundations for the birth of a healthy child. But his birth, on the contrary, to the period of deficiencies, and epidemics of influenza that can cause disease in the first months of life.

Conception in the autumn

If conception occurs in the fall, then a child is born in the summer in June, July or August. From the point of view of health of parents is a great time, after the summer the body has been reinforced with vitamins and filled with natural energy, although there is a difficult time, a dangerous viral diseases. And before birth a pregnant woman will experience all the difficulties of the last trimester, coinciding with the summer heat, long days, not being able to sleep at night and preventing the development of melatonin, swelling. But when the baby is born, the first time he will be easier to maintain – no need to dress him in warm clothes to protect from colds, also do not need to wear heavy clothes.