How to detect ticks on the plot?

If, having arrived at suburban area in spring, you will find mouse droppings, the risk of mites increases doubly, because mice and rats are carriers of ticks. The easiest way to identify the presence of ticks in the area – go in a garden or garden with a "white flag". For making this impromptu "flag" clip on shaft white waffle fabric, about the size of 1x1 meter. In the morning while the grass is still wet dew slowly walk through the area, touching with a towel grass. Then flip the towel and carefully inspect it, if mites live in your area, you will notice them on the surface of white cloth.

If sections of the settled ticks, wear closed clothes bright colors, use insect repellents, in this case apply such funds for clothes, as skin contact with, they lose their effectiveness.

How to get rid of mites

First we need to remove overgrown grass on the site, if any. Ensure that the grass had been trimmed. Every morning for two weeks, go around the area with a white cloth. It is best to deal with the removal of ticks from the area in may, as this month ticks are most active.

If mechanical treatment of the plot does not bring the desired result, you will have to use acaricidal drugs. Since these drugs are toxic, to work with them be extremely careful. Treatment with acaricides should be performed in the spring, as getting such drugs on herbs, fruits and vegetables is fraught with poisoning.

Acaricidal drugs banned for consumer use, therefore, to carry out treatment, should be treated in the disinfection service, which workers will arrive on site and will handle the territory.