Administered antipyretics when fever a sick child above the permissible limits. The human body in contact with it pathogenic microorganisms includes a protective response in the form of increased temperature.

In this state, many microorganisms have markedly reduced rates of reproduction. ... Temperature stimulates the immune system, which begins to actively produce interferon. The use of children's fever-reducing medicine does not have much influence on the natural process of the body's fight against infection, it only facilitates the child's condition.

Prescribed antipyretic drugs by increasing the body temperature of the child to 39оС and more; but if the child is under three months or any of the disease, the temperature should begin to actively knock 38oC. If the child is taking any Antibacterials, antipyretic drugs to prescribe them is not recommended.

Rules for the use of fever reducing medicine

To begin with, before applying the drug you must ensure that it is completely safe for a small child. Are the most suitable medicine based on paracetamol: "Nurofen", "Ibuprofen", "Paracetamol", also an excellent tool at high temperature is "Set".

It is necessary not to be mistaken with the dosing of the drug, if used simultaneously and the suspension and the spark that happens when you start taking the medicine causes the child's gag reflex.

If the medicine is used without medical advice, you need to remember that it can be used no more than three days, and then be sure to show the child's pediatrician, or call a doctor at home.

What to do if the temperature does not fall

Very often there are cases where the young mom and dad very much panic when fever in a young child. This, of course, a natural reaction to such state of the baby, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to gather and concentrate on treatment.

You should know that the medication starts not immediately, but after some time. So, suspensions, syrups, chewable tablets begin their action after 20 to 30 minutes, and the candle 30 – 45 minutes. In practice, this time a bit more for 10 minutes – 15, so it is necessary to fix the time of taking the drug, and not to panic if there is no effect after 5 – 10 minutes after taking it, as it basically turns.

In any case, when the temperature rises above 38oC and her persistence, even after one hour after administration of antipyretics, it is necessary to call the doctor ambulance. He will examine the child and probably will prescribe something stronger or just a different shape.

You can also apply the traditional methods of temperature reduction, together with the medication. These methods include various wiping (with a solution of vinegar 25%, vodka).

Also, very effectively, dampen a cloth in cool water and wrap it in a short time the baby. It is very important, while raising the temperature to remove the baby clothes and diaper.