You will need
  • -fever drops or syrups;
  • a bath with cool water;
  • -antipyretic candles;
  • -anesthetic gel to the teeth;
  • -child a sedative (if necessary).
To quickly bring down the high temperature in a child older than one year, give him paracetamol (acetaminophen). This is the safest antipyretic for today. Applying it at a dose of 10-15 mg/kg of body weight in the solution inside, you will reduce the temperature of the body, approximately 1-1. 5°C. For reducing the temperature of the infant can also use a drop of tylenol or antipyretic candles, for example, the calpol. Remember, candles can be used no more than three days in a row. After 6 months you can use motrin, and Nurofen (drops). Nurofen is very sweet and you can give it to a child without difficulty.
Dial a warm bath, the water temperature should be almost cool. Lower baby into the water. To take a bath it needs a few minutes, if you "overdo" it and it will start to freeze the temperature to rise even more. Constantly let's drink a little room temperature water, very young children can be served regidron or Pedialyte.
In order that the child endured the temperature a little easier, keep his head cool, his forehead and the back of the head with a wet cloth. Don't forget to numb the gums with special creams and gels, if necessary, give the baby and children's sedative. Do not dress baby clothes, in any case not okutyvaya and not mask off tightly. Several times a day to ventilate the room. If you use diapers, remove them and try not to wear. In that case, if the high body temperature in a child lasts more than 4-5 hours – call GP or an ambulance, because in many cases, eruption of teeth are accompanied by SARS, etc.