Use buckwheat

Since buckwheat contains a lot of fiber, as well as maleic, oxalic and linolenova acid, it is especially recommended to those who suffer from diseases of the intestinal and gastric tract or suffering from digestive disorders. In the rump there are active substances that stimulate the regeneration of cells and tissues of the human body, contains vitamins b, E and PP. This is the main natural source of vitamin P – rutin, is necessary to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Rutin stimulates heart muscle and increases blood clotting, has a positive effect on thyroid function and normalize hormones. Especially need this vitamin for people suffering from such dangerous diseases as diabetes mellitus, pyelonephritis, or heart failure.

The energy value of buckwheat cereals

Any buckwheat porridge, cooked in water or milk, which is not added no sugar, no oil, can be considered low calorie, the maximum energy value of buckwheat does not exceed 160 calories. But in that case, when you've decided to lose weight and every calorie counts, of course, you should boil them in the water.
The ratio of liquid to the amount of grains when cooking buckwheat is 1:3.

100 grams of buckwheat porridge, cooked in water, contains 110-120 calories, their content depends on the manner in which porridge is cooked and how much water you poured in the cereal. Anyway, this amount of calories is not more than 4.5% of the daily value. Fat and sugar, this cereal does not contain all.

Is there a way to make buckwheat porridge on the water. For this evening pour buckwheat with boiling water, cover the container and leave to infuse till the morning. That way you will be able to save all useful properties of the buckwheat and leave almost no change of its natural composition. Calories such a mess on the water will be the same as welded in the usual way.
The zinc remaining in the porridge prepared by the method of steaming boiling water, promotes absorption of useful substances to the body, and copper and iron is necessary for blood.

When you cook buckwheat porridge with milk, the calorie content of it, of course, is higher: 140 to 160 kcal. In the case when the child's cereal you will use the rump-unground, its energy value of 200 kcal. But if you start to cook buckwheat porridge on the water first and then add milk, it will contain about 130-135 kcal.