Evaluate your capabilities. You need to carefully analyze your experience and knowledge in the fashion industry. To work in a glossy magazine with author and stylist, makeup artist, photographer, consultant, fashion columnist. It is important to understand what field activities interests you the most: explore jobs fashion magazines and find out the basic requirements of employers.
Make a summary. It should be as close as possible to correspond to the selected jobs. Walk on all the requirements and make sure that your resume is not too glaring gaps. Before sending the fashion magazines and recruitment agencies, to evaluate the conditions of employment that you can lose competitors and your advantages over them. Try to draw the attention of employer on your strengths and attach to the summary a maximum of information about their achievements in the field of fashion.
Consider replacement options. If your resume clearly does not meet the requirements of the desired job and you do not have the knowledge, skills and experience to get a job at a fashion magazine at the desired location, no need to despair. You can try yourself in the role of assistant, Secretary or even the courier. So you will become part of the environment where you wish to succeed. Meanwhile, you will gain experience, and in parallel will be able to undergo training that will allow you to qualify for your dream job. Many professionals of the fashion industry have started their career.
Work on your appearance. Appearance is not the last place in the list of requirements for the staff of fashion magazines. You will be hard to convince a potential employer that you are competent enough, if your appearance will tell a different story. But this does not mean that the interview you need to come in designer clothes. It is more important to demonstrate the presence of taste and individual style.
Prepare in advance for interviews. Be prepared for the fact that you will be judged critically. Learn all possible information about each publisher where you will be invited as a candidate – this will help you look confident and professional. If you get some low position, show a potential employer that you are willing to hard or routine work for the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of fashion.