Advice 1: Where in Minsk teach jewelry

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in Belarus, there are few jewelry factories. In Minsk still has the factory "Zorka". But there is no training to be a jeweller, so the experts pass on their skills to each other and teach newcomers on the spot.
Jewelry case in Minsk

Where can I get training

In Minsk and throughout Belarus, there is no special course on "Jewelry" or "jewelry artist". Only recently in the Belarusian national technical University, faculty of instrument-making has opened the training on specialty "Technology and equipment of jewelry production".
In 2013, the faculty in the Department took 12 students with a minimum passing score of 144.
Duration of training is 5 years. The study takes place only in person. There are both paid and free training. For admission you should pass exams in Russian and Belarusian languages, mathematics and physics. It should be noted that after graduation from the walls will the manufacturing process, not the finished jeweler.

In Minsk operates old jewellery factory "Zorka". The organization periodically dials into your state students the jeweler. The ideal candidate will require higher education, excellent vision, abstract thinking, perseverance. The plant offers training through the organization and training among professionals-jewelers, the formalization and benefits. Schedule "Sorce" replacement — first week from 07:00 to 15:00, second week — from 15:00 to 23:00.
The official website of "watchful" you can see the vacancies of the plant, ask an online question and see the current catalog of jewelry.
To find out about open positions, contact the personnel Department of the plant, which is located at Starovilenskaya street, 131, near metro station "Yakub Kolas Square".

Profession — jeweler

Before you choose the profession of a jeweler should be aware that to become a master of his craft, a unique designer and a fashion designer will not work. Only after gaining years of experience and having a lot of original ideas, you can discover the path to the top.

Also the jeweler have to be developed in the fingers and hands, he should be able to focus, have a good eye, tactile sensitivity and artistic taste. To become a jeweler can people diligent, careful, patient, and attentive.

The jeweler must acquire knowledge in the field of technical and artistic requirements to products, processing of stone and manufacture of metal parts and pieces. Even jewelers need to know the techniques of embossing, engraving, polishing, how to read drawings, kinds of ornaments and to be able to produce the right tool.

Advice 2 : How to start a jewelry manufacturing

Thinking about how to open the jewelry trade, keep in mind that this activity can only be carried out in the presence of a special certificate of Assay supervision. So you, in addition to the usual package of documents for carrying out business activities required to issue this certificate and It is issued in compliance with some requirements, taking into account the specifics of jewelry.
How to start a jewelry manufacturing
To activities that require a certificate of Assay supervision, is the manufacture, storage and trading operations with precious metals and jewelry, cut gems, jewelry pawn shops activities, the minting of commemorative coins and medals made of precious metals. Prior to registration of Assay supervision register in the tax office, will receive a certificate of registration in the unified state register and place your company at the register of extra-budgetary funds.
Prepare the room in which it will be located a jewelry manufacturing. Equip it with safety Deposit box, or select for storage of precious metals, gems and jewelry special vault. To replace the safes by installing modern alarm systems. Purchase equipment and tools, and also precision scales of the highest class.
Prepare the package of documents that you must provide in the Assay supervision. Send a request for the issuance of special certificates to the head of the territorial inspections of assay supervision. Attach a package of documents which includes a list of activities your company is requiring a special permit, proof of your right to engage in entrepreneurial activities.
As an application, the application shall submit notarized copies of the Charter, OGRN, INN, changes in the Charter; regular copies of the information letter from the statistics authorities with a list of types of economic activity, Memorandum or decisions of the General Assembly on the establishment of the organization, the minutes of the meeting or the order on appointment of the head. These copies seal of the company. Attach a copy of the lease of the premises or a certificate of ownership to it. The package of documents should be information about your company, which listed his full name, Bank details, postal and legal address, contact telephone numbers and Fax.
Within two weeks after submission of the application for registration will receive a duly completed certificate of special registration. It really is 5 years from the date of issuance. Start their activities, given that even under favorable circumstances, the expenses will pay off not earlier, than in 3 years.
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