Go to a specialized art school, producing jewelers. For example, in Krasnoselsky school of art processing of metals (COHOM). The rules of admission to the school, you will be able to see on the website In addition, the Department of "art-metal" is, in schools of Nizhny Tagil, Orel, Voronezh and many other cities.
Contact the jewelry shops in your city and ask if they do not recruit students. From time to time in the wizard to complete simple jobs attract those who want to learn the basics of jewelry. Over time, if you have found the ability to this case, the master will reveal to you the secrets of the profession.
Will buy or take in the library of manuals, such as "Theory and practice of jewelry" by E. Pepole or "Jewelry" V. I. Marchenkova. Try to master the initial skills of the jeweler independently. Buy all the necessary tools, equipment (can be designed independently, guided by the book of E. Bipole) and consumables.
Visit the page and master the theory and practice of jewelry online. For this you will need to purchase a webcam and install SKYPE. Under the guidance of experienced mentors you after a few months will be able to make jewelry and to apply basic methods of technology of repair and fix.
Visit the page which presents a free video course on the production and repair of jewelry at home. The site presents videos from which to learn about the basic properties and characteristics of various metals and precious stones.