Causes of sore throat in children

On the mucous surface of the pharynx is quite a lot of nerve endings. That's why problems in this area are accompanied by such a variety: pain, dryness, tingling, tickle, etc. Microorganisms are the main causes of illness – bacteria, viruses, and also external stimuli for example cold or too hot food, polluted air.

Throat can get sick from inhaling the sharp scents, and cold air. With regular treatment of throat diseases in children mucosa becomes more friable due to the frequent inflammation and cough. The microbes in this case, multiply much faster.


The disease begins with a sore and scratchy throat. After that, a child has a loud cough. The voice becomes very hoarse or completely lost. Please note: the laryngitis should not be left without treatment, as a result of narrowing of the larynx child becomes difficult to breathe. At the first symptom of laryngitis seek help from a doctor.

Laryngitis larynx needs to rest, so keep the child in the first week less talked and talked. An accurate diagnosis can only physician, after laryngoscopy. He will also take into account the General condition of the child and the desired results of bacteriological examination of the throat. To ease the pain doctor may recommend gargling with decoction of sage, chamomile, a warm drink and a hot compress on the neck.

When disturbed breathing as a diversionary therapy can hover over the child's legs. If you do it right, then the duration of the disease is significantly reduced.


If the child's tonsils become swollen and reddened, it hurts to swallow, so this is an inflammation of the tonsils (tonsillitis). As a rule, the disease often occurs in children older than 2 years.

Main symptoms: fever, chills, sleep disturbance, headache, poor appetite. Only a doctor is able to correctly identify the type of tonsillitis (follicular, lacunar or catarrhal) and to prescribe treatment.

In severe forms of the disease require hospitalization of the child. Moderate and mild form of angina can be cured at home. For this, the child should be regularly gargle with decoction of chamomile, St. John's wort or sage. Also, experts recommend drinking plenty of fluids. Pharmaceuticals appoints the attending pediatrician after examination of the patient.