Advice 1: How to dye tulle

If you noticed that the tulle turned gray, it is better to repaint or buy new. The fact that the gray is the natural color of the tulle, and how much would you or have bleached, he's not getting any fresher.
How to dye tulle
You will need
  • - soap or detergent.
  • - brilliant green, or potassium permanganate;
  • - aniline;
  • - tea.
First, wash the tulle. Soak it in warm water, which change as soon as it cools down. It should be done several times. Prepare a basin of soapy water, how to wash tulle better manually. The water temperature should be no higher than 40°C. do Not RUB in the process of washing tulle with soap and water, do not remove it, and when you push-up. This can deteriorate the shape of the curtains (blankets etc) and overall appearance, even if you are going to repaint. Rinse the tulle several times under warm running water.
Decide what color you want to repaint tulle. For this you can buy a special aniline dyes (available at any hardware store). But if you want to experiment, try to use tea, disinfectant or potassium permanganate.
If you bought aniline dye, read the instructions on the package, open the bag and pour in warm water as much powder as you need to dye your tulle. Wait until the powder has dissolved, and lower the curtain (veil etc.) into the water. Hold the tulle in solution the time needed after rinse carefully.
After washing, you can repaint still wet tulle in soft cream color. Prepare the tea leaves, Bay liter of boiling water 2 teaspoons of tea. Wait until he is ready, and then strain. Treat clean laundered tulle this solution. Is fit tea and coffee (2 teaspoons per litre of boiling water), is also strained. Rinse the cloth and hang to dry.
To give the tulle pale green or lilac color, dissolve in a basin of warm water a little green fodder or potassium permanganate. A lot to dissolve is not necessary, as tulle can thus not procrastina exactly. Still wet after washing the fabric is put into the solution and wait for a while, then remove and rinse.

Advice 2: How to paint the body of the phone

Over time, the body of the phone becomes worn, it is scratched and faded and in some places can and do go color. To solve the problem by buying a new phone or pad, or you can save your money and to paint the housing of the device. This is a fairly simple procedure that will give your device a "second life".
How to paint the body of the phone
You will need
  • - paint;
  • - Lac;
  • - primer for plastic.
Pick a room to paint the caseand phone. The room should be well ventilated and reasonably clean, as dust particles can damage the result. Prepare the surface for painting. Cover it with the smooth material. You can use a dense white oilcloth.
Read the instructions to the phone on its technical side. Prepare in advance the necessary screwdriver set. Dismantle the phone to details. If you don't want to disassemble the phone or you don't have the right tools, you can use masking tape which stick everywhere should not get the paint, namely the keyboard, screen, connectors, etc.
Prepare the surface of the bodyand for painting. Mix a thin putty and hardener and zashpaklyuyte deep scratches on the bodye phone. Clean the surface by means of fine sandpaper or a special block. After the plaster dries, rinse the parts of the bodyand from dirt and dry. Apply to the surface of the phone special primer for plastic. Leave the device to dry for a day.
Check that the phone is dry, treat it with sandpaper. As a result, should get a completely smooth surface. Take a hair dryer and blow out the case from dust. Clean it from oily swelling and fingerprints.
Spray paint on the surface of the housingand holding the spray at a distance of 30 cm from the surface. This will ensure an even coat and no drips. Allow paint to dry for 20 minutes and apply a second coat. Then after 20 minutes, cover the hull with two layers of lacquer, allowing 15 minutes drying. Apply on phone the pattern using brushes and watercolors, and then cover the hull again with two layers of varnish with an interval of 5 minutes. Allow to dry and assemble the parts of the phone.

Advice 3: What kind of tulle to choose for the hall

Tulle gives any room a finished look and makes it more cozy, but this is especially true of the hall. To the textiles used for window decoration, fits harmoniously into the overall design of the apartment, it is necessary to consider some details while choosing curtains for the hall.
What kind of tulle to choose for the hall

Design net curtains for the hall

First of all, we should define the role of curtains in the room: they can play a major role and become the highlight of the interior, and can serve as background, highlighting the beautiful furniture and other items in the interior. When choosing a color palette please note that the shades are contrasting or different from each other in several colors.

Carefully pick up the style of tulle on the basis of total design for the room, or purchase neutral curtains of pastel colors without a pattern. When sewing it is necessary to consider the combination of textures of fabrics, color harmony. Keep in mind that textured or mottled can only be one of used tissues, and the other to play the role of complementary elements.

Tulle hall

The choice depends on your taste and style of the room. For example, the interior of the country style requires a simple cotton materials, and classic or modern – the heavier, textured and luxurious fabrics. The way window decorations are also important. Recently the wide circulation was received of the Japanese, Austrian and string curtains. They make the room original and unusual, but require an appropriate design.

Tulle eyelets for the hall has an impressive appearance and rich functionality. It combines the smooth beautiful folds across the width of the window opening and gentle and a sufficiently practical mount. Grommets can be plastic or metal. For example, in a hall in a modern style with perfect chrome eyelets and shiny metal cornice. Also, the tulle on the eyelets - great for a living room with a balcony because these curtains are easy to push, and they will quickly take its original appearance after you get them back in place.

Tulle valance is more suitable for spacious and bright rooms. And best of all it looks in a room with a classic interior design. Pelmet can be tough adhesive, may be composed of several semicircles to be changeover or manual Assembly. The main rule – the more space, the more complex elements and folds may be present on the tulle.

White tulle is ideal for rooms with bright rich design. In this case it plays the role of a smooth background. Very popular are various shades of cream, powdery and light-grey color, rarely white. Monochromatic light curtains can be supplemented with small folds or original cornice. On the white canvas look interesting variety of plant, geometric patterns or other patterns.

Advice 4: How to whiten tulle green paint

White tulle, over time, inevitably becomes an imprint yellow or greyish. This is especially true for rooms with oven heating. And when the regular Laundry powder does not help to regain the freshness and purity, do not rush to buy in stores new accessories. There is a great way to extend the life and beauty of old curtains. Interesting way to whiten tulle, tested by experienced Housewives – with the help of green fodder. As strange as it sounds, but it really is very good, despite the fact that this method takes a bit of a hassle. But the reward will be surprisingly excellent results.
How to whiten tulle green paint
You will need
  • Zelenka and tulle.
Before you begin the whitening process, first you need to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt, wash in the washing machine or by hand. Soak the tulle for a couple of hours in warm water. Important: water should not exceed 30 degree temperature, and the yellow stuff will eat into a tulle forever and no bleaching will not help.
After washing is required again for a couple of hours to soak the tulle in a salt solution, prepared thus: half a glass of water to dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt. The salt will give the elasticity. Then thoroughly rinse. Water is better to change twice.
The second rinse should do this procedure: in a glass of water to take 10-15 drops of green fodder, a good whisk and leave to stand for two minutes. Then, making sure that at the bottom there was formed a precipitate, pour the solution into the container for rinsing in which water is poured. Otherwise, the product will remain green spots. Tulle to withstand 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly and turning over. Then you need to rinse and wring out without twisting, let the water to drain. Done all these procedures will return the curtain remains white, clean and fresh.

Advice 5: How to wash tulle in the washing machine

Generation of Housewives erase the fine lace curtains only by hand – the washing machines activator type could permanently ruin the fabric. However, modern automatic machines are much gentler against fabric that allows you to erase the tulle in the washing machine without risk. The main thing – to observe the rules of washing.
How to wash tulle in the washing machine


General rules wash tulle

Tulle requires delicate care – even if we are talking about cheap nylon net curtains. This fabric does not tolerate exposure to high temperatures – too hot water or iron can cause yellowing of the fabric. So the tulle washed in lukewarm water and try not to stroke.

While curtains do not require intensive washing of the contamination well enough away from the fabric, especially if you do not "start" the process. Lace curtains should be washed every 3-4 months – in this case, to maintain their whiteness will simply. But if we are talking about the kitchen curtains if the Windows face a road with heavy traffic, or if family members are allergic to dust – the frequency of washings it is better to increase.

Since curtains usually collects dust before washing the tulle, it is desirable to shake out on the balcony or on the street. In this case, the wash will be more effective.

How to wash tulle in the washing machine: load, temperature and modes of washing

Before laying the drum tulle have neatly folded – if you load the fabric in Smeaton, after washing there will be creases. If we are talking about the muslin, Voile, organza with fine embroidery and other more delicate fabrics, it is best to place neatly folded the curtains into a special net bag for washing does not affect the washing, but it will save fabric.

Стирка тюля в машинке

Tulle wash in the delicate washing is at a temperature of 30 ° and no spin. During this washing drum of the machine rotates more smoothly, and the washing occurs when a large amount of water – this allows you to minimize the risk of damage to delicate fabrics. You can wash lace curtains on the modes for silk and wool – they are the most gentle.

Loading the machine detergent, be Thrifty. In most cases, the hostess poured the powder or pour the shampoo wash generously, from the heart. In the case of the washable tulle this can lead to excessive foaming, especially if the Laundry is sent to the mesh fabric. So refer to the manufacturer's recommended dosage and because the fabric is lightweight and machine works with partial loads, – reduce the dose in half.

When washing curtains , it is desirable to use an additional rinse cycle: remains of detergents also lead to premature yellowing of the fabric.

After the end of the wash cycle it is necessary to remove the tulle from the machine to drain the water and not pressing, to hang on the ledge. If the shower curtain surround – you can gently squeeze her hand, very lightly, without twisting.

Once dry, the fabric lies flat under its own weight. Iron the tulle only in the most extreme cases, and very carefully – this also leads to yellowing of the fabric.

What detergent tulle is better to use

Чем стирать тюль

Wash the tulle in the washing machine using various detergents, both specialized and General purpose. This:

  • special detergents for washing net curtains and other curtainsthat can be purchased in the shops of household chemicals. They are very effective, coping very well with pollution, bleached fabric and slightly podgruntovyvajut. However, they are not very common and therefore are not always on sale, and their cost is very high. Such funds it makes sense to buy, if we are talking about expensive and thin curtains that require special care.
  • shampoo for washing delicate fabrics. They spare fabric, designed to wash at low temperatures and easily opolaskivaetsya.
  • means for washing children's things. They are particularly effective when washing white net curtains and have a good bleaching effect.
  • conventional washing powders can also be used to wash the tulle, particularly when talking about the mesh or nylon cheap organza. Powders should be selected in accordance with the color of the fabric, using the painted curtains of funds for colored fabrics; particularly cautious about the dosage of powder to eliminate excessive foam and don't forget the extra rinse.

How to whiten tulle in the washing machine

A regular gentle wash is compliance with the basic rules, a thorough opolaskivaniem and the lack of detrimental effects of high temperatures allows you to forget about manipulation for the whitening of yellow or gray tulle – after all the Laundry in the washing machine more efficient manual.

Как отбелить тюль в стиральной машине

However, if you want to whiten your tulle – you can do it in the washing machine. The key success factor here will be the right choice bleaches. In the bleaching of tulle do not use products containing chlorine– this will destroy the fabric. Therefore, for curtains it is necessary to choose:

  • oxygen bleaches. They are quite expensive, but versatile, suitable for colored and for white and in marked whitening effect does not destroy the tissue structure. Another advantage of oxygen bleach is that they are effective for low-temperature washing.
  • optical bleaches. They visually lighten the fabric due to the particles settling on the fabric – and it allows you to return fabric whiteness. However, it is better to use them only for pure white drapery, or the appearance of the curtains might get hurt.

Optical and oxygen bleaching agents are suitable for washing in washing machines. You can add them to the washing powder, if you want to increase the effect of washing. If we are talking about severely yellowed curtains – you can use a pre-wash or soaking.

If you are afraid to use bleach to wash the tulle in the washing machine – you can use home remedies. Tulle is often bleached using salt – so you can fall asleep in the compartment for detergent a couple tablespoons of regular table salt and use it as a bleaching agent to wash. To enhance the effect, you can add a small amount of powder.


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