You will need
  • - soap or detergent.
  • - brilliant green, or potassium permanganate;
  • - aniline;
  • - tea.
First, wash the tulle. Soak it in warm water, which change as soon as it cools down. It should be done several times. Prepare a basin of soapy water, how to wash tulle better manually. The water temperature should be no higher than 40°C. do Not RUB in the process of washing tulle with soap and water, do not remove it, and when you push-up. This can deteriorate the shape of the curtains (blankets etc) and overall appearance, even if you are going to repaint. Rinse the tulle several times under warm running water.
Decide what color you want to repaint tulle. For this you can buy a special aniline dyes (available at any hardware store). But if you want to experiment, try to use tea, disinfectant or potassium permanganate.
If you bought aniline dye, read the instructions on the package, open the bag and pour in warm water as much powder as you need to dye your tulle. Wait until the powder has dissolved, and lower the curtain (veil etc.) into the water. Hold the tulle in solution the time needed after rinse carefully.
After washing, you can repaint still wet tulle in soft cream color. Prepare the tea leaves, Bay liter of boiling water 2 teaspoons of tea. Wait until he is ready, and then strain. Treat clean laundered tulle this solution. Is fit tea and coffee (2 teaspoons per litre of boiling water), is also strained. Rinse the cloth and hang to dry.
To give the tulle pale green or lilac color, dissolve in a basin of warm water a little green fodder or potassium permanganate. A lot to dissolve is not necessary, as tulle can thus not procrastina exactly. Still wet after washing the fabric is put into the solution and wait for a while, then remove and rinse.