Disputes on this occasion did not subside until now. Doctors from different countries can not come to a consensus about whether a nursing mom to eat mushrooms, including champignons. In many foreign countries there is no such thing as postpartum diet, for example, in Japan, a young mother can eat whatever I want and mushrooms too. How do things stand in Russia?

Then and now

Our ancestors lived by gathering and mushrooms were almost the main dish on their table. Of course, they enjoyed eating the young and nursing mothers. However, today things have changed and not only due to the fact that the diet of modern man has become more diverse in comparison with the diet of their ancestors, and because there was a lot of food allergies and mushrooms in this list are almost in the first place. All because of bad ecology, pollution, preservatives, dyes, GMOs and so on. And mushrooms as a sponge absorb all the toxins in the atmosphere and soil and cause allergic reactions and stomach upset, and in some cases of severe poisoning.

Whether the threat specifically mushrooms

But for the most part all of the above applies to mushrooms growing in the open air in forests and glades. "Cultivated" mushrooms, which are mushrooms and oyster mushrooms, are grown in special conditions and deprived of all shortcomings of wild counterparts. If a young mother childbirth very often included mushrooms in their dishes and had no problems with the liver, gall bladder and stomach, it can start to eat them and in 2-4 months after birth in small quantity, constantly watching the reaction of your baby. If after the use of boiled or steamed mushrooms baby is not colicky in the intestines, gases and rash on face and body, then everything is fine and this product occasionally you can include in your diet.

If a negative reaction is, the mushrooms should exclude from your menu until complete cessation of breastfeeding. However, pickled, salted and canned mushrooms on the table, lactating women should not be – they have a lot of spices, which can affect the taste of the milk. Actually, the question is: can a nursing mom, there are mushrooms that everyone must answer for himself. Why compromise the health of your baby? Because the consequences can be unpredictable.

Lactation should first think about the health of your child, not about their own taste preferences. It is very dangerous to experiment in this way is the mothers who suffer from various types of allergic reactions. The situation is compounded several times if allergies affected and the father of the child. As practice shows, the kid of such parents are born with greater challenges of this nature.